On Tuesday May 2nd, Professor Reza Aslan visited the UCI campus to discuss Fear Inc. Confronting Islamophobia in America.

The afternoon started with a student forum, where UCI students were able to have a more intimate conversation with Professor Aslan.

The public lecture was presented to a full house at the Irvine Barclay Theatre.

Professor Aslan discussed the history of religious oppression in American including Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam. He also discussed what it means to be American, “Despite the fact my identity was being other-ized…it wasn’t hard for me to feel American”. Professor Aslan discussed the word terrorism, reality vs. perception, and how values change in times of social stress. Reminding us that “The only way we move forward…requires relationships not information”, “If you meet one person of an outgroup, it cuts your negative perception in half”, and that each of us need to “Be the personal representative of your own identity”.


Find out more about the lecture series Perspectives on Bias, Prejudice, and Bigotry.

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