Diversifying our faculty

Provost Message 1, UCI Office of Inclusive Excellence
Dear colleagues,

Our commitment to advancing faculty diversity is paramount, and the time to innovate and make progress toward this strategic goal is now. Adding faculty from diverse backgrounds and perspectives not only is reflective of our students, the state of California and the increasingly global landscape, but serves to propel the university’s strength and future growth. Inclusive excellence is a strategic goal for UCI and a priority for every academic department. Each of you is empowered to embrace these aspirations and transform this commitment into action.

At a recent meeting organized by Vice Provost Diane O’Dowd, Chancellor Gillman and I charged the department chairs with owning the responsibility to recruit and retain more faculty that add to the diversity of our campus. In coordination with the deans and vice provosts, we encourage and support the chairs as front-line leaders to recognize every search and hiring decision as an opportunity to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion. Our support will be reflected in resource investment, including the allocation of faculty FTEs for growth and retirement.

As you serve on search committees and vote at departmental meetings, I hope that you will choose to be a champion for inclusive excellence and back your chair in these important efforts.


Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Distinguished Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering