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Black Lives Matter Faculty Cluster Hiring Program

Building on the historic hiring outcomes of Black faculty in 2019-20, this multi-year competitive program will allocate 10 positions across the campus for proposals that advance the understanding of the Black experience and the drivers of well-being for the Black community. Beginning in academic year 2020-21, at least three FTE will be allocated on a competitive basis each year for a period of three to five years for a total of 10 FTE. Each new hire will receive a $50,000 supplement annually for three years to advance the theme of the hiring program. Leveraging school-based priorities, this program is designed to recruit early- and mid-career scholars with research or creative programs that focus on understanding anti-Blackness and its varied manifestations in human activity and expression; or public policy solutions to structural racism in criminal justice, education, environment, health and wellness, urban planning and policy, or broadening participation in science and technology, business, and innovation.

For more information, please visit: UCI Black Thriving Initiative Faculty Cluster Hiring Program Call for Proposals