Leadership Education to Advance Diversity – African, Black, and Caribbean (LEAD-ABC)

Established in 2019 Leadership Education to Advance Diversity–African, Black and Caribbean (LEAD-ABC) is a UCI School of Medicine mission-based program aimed at producing future physicians who are committed to addressing the health needs of African, Black and Caribbean communities in California, the United States, and beyond.

LEAD-ABC is the first medical school program in the nation designed to specifically develop physician-leaders who will serve the unique health needs of ABC communities. The program was founded by Dr. Carol Major, Assistant Dean for Student Inclusive Excellence; Dr. Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, Vice Dean for Medical Education; and Kaosoluchi Enendu, UC Irvine School of Medicine medical student (Class of 2021), and its core objectives are driven by the following:

Vision: To develop the next generation of physician-leaders who are committed to public service, social justice and advocacy within ABC communities.

Mission: To train and support students in medicine as they become medical professionals who will work to reduce healthcare disparities in ABC and other underserved communities.