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Each person who takes the pledge recognizes that a whole university response is required to build a culture where Black people thrive at UCI and beyond.

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Kevork AbazajianAnti-Black racism needs to be recognized, confronted, and stopped. As an immigrant and member of a minority community myself, it is clear to me that we must acknowledge, tackle, and halt the historical inequities, as well as conscious and unconscious biases that perpetuate inequities in our society.Victoria Lowerson BredowBecause I believe it is past time to face head on the dismantling white-supremacy; the continued harm and de-valuing of black people, and institutional racism that has been "addressed" but yet to be transformed. Black wellness is fundamental for the thriving of every person and the planet. I and the systems I participate in and benefit from are a part of what has perpetuated this violence and I want to hold myself and be in continuous and challenging accountability agreements with the rest of the UCI community - in and outside of the institutions boundaries.
Geoff Abbotteveryone deserves equal and fair treatment; unconscious bias presents an insidious barrier to the success of underrepresented groups; diversity improves organization functionality and wellbeingCecelia LynchIt's about time!!!
Kyoko AdachiIt is important to all of us to acknowledge inequality and unfairness and unconscious bias and prejudices exist in our society. Jenny MaThis pledge is an incredibly important step to addressing anti-Blackness and racism in our everyday lives - racism is not just a single incident in the news, or something happening far away from us in Irvine, it's right now and here too. As an Asian American, it's also important for me to tangibly express solidarity against anti-Black racism.
Andres AdamThe racial movement of 2020 opened my eyes to the anti-blackness in the US, and also to hidden racism in my own European country. As a foreigner here, it is not my place to demand political change, but I can make an effort to improve my local community.Maranda MacdonaldThis pledge is important to me because it is not enough anymore to be silently racist. We must be vocally anti-racist and unite our voices to eradicate racism.
Annabel AdamsNone of us can thrive until all of us can thrive. Estela MaganaIt is important for each of us to acknowledge our unconscious, as well as conscious bias in all situations. With more knowledge, we should each do our part to make changes in our daily lives, no matter how small it may seem, to do better, be better, and help others. It's essential for UCI to take an active role in building and sustaining a university culture that confronts anti-Blackness and actually does something about this.
Melissa AguirreI am looking forward to seeing efforts like this flourish to create a better tomorrow for my URM brothers and sisters. Committing to equity and inclusive excellence for all should be important to everyone.Richard MagdaluyoAs a student and eventually a young professional, or even just a person, I should be aware of how my actions affect other people. Extending that idea, we should all be aware of how our collective actions affect each other, and understand that we have to minimize the negative impact of these actions towards specific communities.
Beverley AlberolaI have a young son. Treating people kindly and fairly is an important expectation that we have of him. His dad and I will continue to message to him the importance of understanding bias and confronting cruelty. I am proud of UCI for taking this initiative. Sherry MainBuilding a culture that allows for Black individuals to thrive at UCI is a commitment to a brilliant future beyond the campus – one that allows society at large to rise above the fog of racism and its limitations, births an environment where Black success is ever boundless, and ultimately is a reflection of our fierce dedication to inclusion and equity.
Daniel AlexanderBecause I have been dealing with racism in my profession since law school and I continue to at UCI'Jennifer MaitlandIt is important that I as a staff member actively work to make UCI a safe and welcoming space for Black students. It is also important that I support students in working toward and reaching their goals. As a staff, it is also important for me to recognize and address issues of anti-Blackness on campus.
Nico AllemannEquality. That is all.Monica MajoliI believe in the mission to dismantle anti-Blackness and white supremacy and look forward to doing this in all aspects of my engagements. UCI is a community and all should feel empowered here.
Lisa AllinTo defend the constitution for all people, all humans are equal people. Tyler MalboeufI think it is very important for everyone to unite under this issue and help black people get to where they deserve to be- Equal. It would be hard for them to do this without allies and as a community, we need to make them feel welcome and heard.
Steven AllisonI have a responsibility to train the next generation of scholars, leaders, and educators. It is so important for that training to build on a foundation of anti-racism. Those of us who are privileged members of the system need to confront systemic racism to end anti-Blackness.Grace ManningI would like to see EVERYONE around me succeed, and we need an inclusive campus environment where every student can thrive, including Black students at UCI.
Julieta AlvaradoStudents of all races and backgrounds deserve the minimum of a positive thriving culture at our university. Daniel MartinezIt is crucial to continue combatting systemic racism across the UC system and society.
Sheila AnayaWe are all human and deserve to be treated equally. The color of our skin or where our ancestors came from should never dictate ones path in life. Dina MatheosI want to work to end anti-Black racism. I want to live in a community where Black people can thrive and be at peace with the world they live in.
Aileen AndersonI believe that we all rise or fall together, and need to stand together on this issue.Kavi MathurIf we want to tackle a myriad of other issues as a collective (socioeconomic, political, environmental, etc.), we need to start here with an issue that has existed for centuries. Anti-black racism (specifically) exists here in the U.S., and we need to start with recognizing that.
Evelyn Anderson"Blood is not thicker than water for me. Both spill equally." I come from a long line of people with frightening beliefs on my mother's side (not my mother; she's a good mawma) and my father almost killed me one night for having a crush on Arsenal Hall. I don't have anything special or awe inspiring. I just want to take what was told to me and try to make things better than that. I try to make what I want the truth to be to actually become true. Krystal Matsuyama-TsaiTaking this pledge is vital to me because I believe in the power of community. When we come together to acknowledge the inequities that challenge communities that have been disproportionately oppressed and marginalized, only then can we begin to take effective action towards a safer and more just society.
Patricia AndersonThe University for me is the world as it should be - with principals of equity and inclusion. In a world where black students, staff and faculty cannot thrive, none of us thrive.Hailey MaxwellIt is important for non-black people to recognize and address these ongoing issues of racism and anti-blackness that are ingrained into our own institutions. It is only then that progress for true inclusion and equity can be made
Glenda ArciniegaIts very important to me that all people are treated equally. Kerri MccannaWe must begin to exist in a way, as an institution, that is not only open to, but welcomes and celebrates Black students, scholars, and staff. Until then, we cannot live up to our name as an R-1. The next time I tell a BIPOC scholar about a UCI position, I want to be able to honestly say that I vouch that the "culture" is thriving.
Zaira Arias ChaidezIt is important to recognize the struggles the Black community continues to face, none of us may truly thrive in a world where not everyone is thriving. We must support our Black community and continue to educate ourselves on how to help them thrive so that we can reach a future of inclusive excellence and a world where no one has to face racism, discrimination of any kind, fear, and more. I stand by my pledge and the Black community and am #CallingAllAnteaters to join the pledge and build a culture and community where Black people thrive at UCI and beyond. Philip MccartyFor decades we have had very little success in increasing the number of Black or Indigenous scholars on campus. We need to fix this.
Josh ArimondAnti-Blackness is not innate. It's born and sustained as part of a social structure. The Pledge is a beacon and a bullhorn that we will not tolerate anti-Blackness anymore.Anthony MccollumAs alumni and now and employee, I want to make a difference at an institution that has given me so much opportunity.
Mark ArnoldEveryone should be treated equallyJharrayne McknightTaking the pledge is equivalent to helping bridge the gap of minorities in Higher education.
Pamela ArroyoTAKING THIS PLEDGE IS IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN SEVERAL CASES OF RACISM, AND IT IS NOT A GOOD FEELING EVEN IF IT WAS NOT TOWARDS BE, I DON'T LIKE SEEING IT, AND YES I HAVE STOOD UP FOR SEVERAL PEOPLE, BECAUSE IT IS NOT FAIR TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH A SITUATION JUST BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN. WE ARE ALL HUMANS, WE ARE THE SAME NOBODY SHOULD FEE MORE ENTITLED THAN ANY ONE ELSE.Nancy McloughlinI don't think we can be who we say we are as a university unless all members of the university community feel welcome, cherished, safe, and encouraged here and unless we are working to bring the same goals to life in the wider world. Recognizing and working to confront the particularly virulent and violent anti-Black racism is a part of that for me and I am acutely aware that I need to understand the scope of this violence and the harm it causes better in order to help build a more inclusive and thriving community.
Elvia Arroyo-RamirezAs a non-Black person of color I want to help build and sustain a campus climate where Black students, faculty, staff, and administrators can thrive. Liv McmillanI believe very strongly in social justice and commit to doing the work of being an ally, helping to open doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those that have been oppressed.
Sharnnia Artis As a Black woman at UCI, this pledge is important to me because I would like us to confront systemic racism and ensure we have a culture where all Blacks – students, faculty, staff, and community members – can bring their whole self to UCI and be appreciated and accepted for who they are, especially the excellence they bring to UCI.Amanda McquadeBecause what we have done so far as a university is clearly not enough. It is the responsibility of each individual to become actively anti-racist, and the responsibility of an institution to provide an environment where these issues are discussed and students have the appropriate resources to educate themselves and ensure change.
Kailey BaezI have personally felt marginalized in academic culture, and I am also aware the others, especially my Black peers, are even further marginalized by race and other factors, so why would I not take the pledge? I would want the same for myself. I do it for my Black colleagues, friends and family. I also do it for the Black child who deserves to grow up feeling represented and supported, free from biases in ways that I could never know. The culture of academia is longstanding and in dire need of testing. Taking this pledge is one way that I can actively push the status quo to encourage myself and others to question the way we run business. Martha MecartneyIt is so easy to support the concept of equity and inclusion, but difficult to see how our own unconscious biases come into play. The history of Blacks in the U.S.A. is one that has left lasting scars that need to be addressed.
Shelley BakerSigning this pledge means that I want to be part of the solutions that will confront the wrongs that have been committed against Black people from the inception of this country being colonized. Sarai MedinaWe all need to our part and get involved in making a difference.
Nina BandeljIt is important to me to not only decry racism but to take an active stance, and anti-racism stance, to help bring about a more just and thriving society. I recognize that this requires the difficult and often uncomfortable work to build anti-racist policies and foster anti-racist interpersonal environment. But I am convinced that when we work to dismantle anti-Black racism, the whole of our community will be better off. Rodolfo Medina Ceballos Because social change is way overdue and structural racism needs to be clearly identified in order to abolish its existence.
Sayan BanerjeeIt's a small yet effective step in helping solve systematic racism. Rita MehtaIt is crucial to be just to all human beings, we all move forward when we move together as a society.
Sayan BanerjeeIt's important for every individual on campus to be actively anti-racist to make an attempt to solve the issue of systematic racism. Colleen MelzerBlack Lives Matter.
Jessica BanfieldAs a Latina woman who has experienced racial discrimination I understand what the black community goes through. Black people along with other ethnic minorities are still kept from succeeding and not given the same opportunities as others. There is a long way for us as a country (and world) to improve in this matter but feel hopeful we can get there with continued dialogue and positive systematic changes to our society to end racism. Alicia MendozaThis pledge is Important for me because I would like a society were my Black Children can live safely without prejudice
Willie BanksSigning this pledge is an acknowledgment that I understand anti-Black racism is still operating within our daily lives. And to make any substantive changes we will all need to acknowledge and take action to better our campus and community. Dianna MendozaI want to be part of making a change here at UCI where Black people can thrive and feel they matter are an important part of the community here at UCI.
Fayez Bany-MohammedBecause it's the right thing to do. It has been long overdue Romàn MezaI am a Latinx non-traditional community college transfer student who attends UCI. I was raised by a Yucatecan family who migrated to this country from Mèrida, Yucatàn. Working through oppressive barriers, managing family loss and on-going financial hardship alongside the underrepresented community has made me realize, now more than ever, communities of color must collectively work together to dismantle systems of oppression. I must not only think about the Latinx community's well-being, but the wellness of the black community, as they are disproportionately and are viciously being forced to live and learn in a world that has exploited, murdered, discriminated and oppressed them across a multiplicity of angles and levels within our society. It is our basic human duty to care for others, especially those who are and have been disproportionately exploited, murdered, oppressed and discriminated against. We must not turn our heads in ignorance and we must demand change. We must acknowledge, understand and take action in how we, can use our degrees of agency and privilege, to extend our hands and empower our black communities.
Tallie Z BaramAnti-Black, Anti-Jewish, Anti anything is both unjustified and destructive. Embracing the complexity of humanity will is required to propel us forward.Wendi MezaI believe that all people no matter color, sex, religion, nationality, etc. should be treated fairly and equally. I also believe that black people have been unfairly persecuted and prosecuted in the US and around the world.
Lee BardwellDiversity enriches and strengthens us all. In contrast, the absence of diversity diminishes us, and leaves us in a less exciting, less enriching world. Diversity reveals voices that we never knew existed, or could exist – voices in music, dance, theater, literature, mathematical proofs, scientific discoveries, and more. In contrast, the absence of diversity leaves us with a colder, less exciting, less enriching world. The victims of systemic racism in academia should not be expected to lead the fight against it; they are doing their best just to do their jobs and support their families, despite the racism they see in the news every day and the prejudices they experience every day. It is not the job of campus minorities to educate the rest of the community about systemic racism, implicit bias, microaggressions, etc.; it is the academic community’s job to educate itself. This is one reason why allies such as myself are important. That said, despite the challenges, so many of our campus minorities are standing up and joining the effort to make things better. I have incredible respect for their self-sacrifice and courage.Greg MickelsonDiversity, in its many forms, is a critical component of successful organizations and institutions. Actively fostering an inclusive community of individuals with different temperaments, talents and convictions will further distinguish UCI and its accomplishments.
Stephen BarkerUCI, and culture in general, can only thrive if all voices are heard and empowered, inequities addressed and acted against, and diversity understood as a VALUE equal to any other. It is vital that UCI administrators model a deep commitment to diversity and equity and take action to bring them about.Thomas MildonComplacency is not acceptable when facing issues of racism and systemic injustice.
Jacqueline BarrugaThis is important to me because in order for us to move forward as a community, we have to establish common ground. This pledge is a step toward that along with continued education and understanding.Andrea MillerAs a first generation South African-American woman living in University Hills for more than 14 years, I am greatly invested in this community. I am happy to see this kind of pledge that outlines specifics for those who want to do more to participate in anti-racism work. As an events and festival producer, my work is anchored in intersectionality, diversity, equity and inclusion. I am happy to see more visible work and efforts at UCI!
Rachael BarryIt is important for me to do what I can to undermine structures of institutional racism and support equity at UCI and the broader academic world. Jennifer MillerI would like to be a part of the solution to this historical, foundational and systemic racism issue for this world, myself and most importantly my children and future generations. I'm so happy this evil is finally being addressed and fought for. Thankfully this generation has chosen to be courageous and to rise up, to say NO MORE. What a privilege to be a part of this movement!
Sylvia BassI have always abhorred racism, but it is not until this year that I recognized how pervasive anti-Black racism is in our country. My ignorance is no excuse. I want to do whatever I can to be an ally and to work on becoming an anti-racist.Steven MillsIt is important that we all confront the bigotry and racism that is present. The first step is acknowledging that it exists. Then, steps can be taken toward equality, equity, and fairness
Emily BaumI want to make the UCI community a place where everyone can be given an equal opportunity to thrive. I want to continue to educate myself on anti-black racism and support my colleagues and students as much as possible. Thomas MilnerContribute to a community that can value and celebrate all people.
Christopher BaumanAll of us have a responsibility to end anti-Black racism. Thomas MilnerLet's build a better society by acknowledging past and present injustices and commit to equity
Abinav BawejaAnti-black sentiment is inherently immoral and I believe that combating racism should be a top priority of all humanity. Inclusion and fairness need to be ubiquitous in society.Laura MitchellWe all need to pay closer attention, voice our concerns when we see inequities, and daily create space that is generous and generative to everyone. In this context, racism is Black pain, but is a white problem. Undoing half a millennium of damage requires honesty, frank talk, and hard work.
Julianna BayleyEqualityAngela MiuBlack people should have the same sense of safety going about their business in our communities as everyone else. And they should have the same opportunities in life as everyone else. They don't. We have to do better.
Leah BecerraFirst, this pledge digs at the root of the issue: anti-Black racism. Too often, #BlackLivesMatter is met with #AllLivesMatter, which is hurtful to the BLM movement and takes away from the real issues. However, introducing the term "anti-Black racism" forces us to look at how we, as individuals and as a community, contribute to anti-Black racism through micro-/macro-aggressions -- and how we can call out others who continue to contribute to anti-Black racist language or behaviors. Ali MohrazBecause active involvement and participation of everyone is required, as we must undo some deep, systemic, and longstanding problems in our society regarding this issue.
Jean BennettI want my children to learn that diversity is a wonderful component to society and that all people should be given the same opportunities and treatment. It is important to take the pledge to build our next generation for success!Tracy MolidorIt is incumbent upon UCI to establish a culture where black people thrive--where they feel welcomed as full participants in our collective work, and respected and supported in their individual scholarship. I want to experience a UCI in which black students, faculty, and staff not only have agency, but also desire, to be and speak among their colleagues on parallel footing. If we can't develop a respectful and collegial environment at a university made up of tens of thousands of presupposed intelligent and open-minded people, how can we promote hope and suggest strategies for improvement anywhere else?
Andrew BensonBlack lives matter. That needs to apply to every facet of our society, not only with regards to ending unjust practices by police.Zachary MontoyaBlack people have been oppressed both directly and passively for far too long; it’s time that we normalize an open discussion about how to build a culture and community in which Black people have not only equal opportunity, but also the confidence to thrive.
Hillary BerkI teach courses on law, society, and inequality. We must strive to make the rights and values we claim to offer "on the books" real and accessible, and injustice visible. A vital mission of the university should be engaged conversations that lead to changing attitudes, norms, practices, structures, and institutions - especially surrounding anti-black racism and sexism.Connor MooneyI think it is important to build an environment at UCI in which black students and colleagues are supported and treated with respect. This will require a mindfulness of when and why anti-blackness occurs, so that concrete steps can be taken to eliminate it.
Jose BermudezI am taking this pledge because there needs to be justice in this world, and this pledge articulates a personal framework for me to be an accomplice towards achieving it.Julien MorivalThe recent social justice movements have only further brought to light the social inequalities that people of color face on a daily basis. With this pledge, I aim to further solidify my commitment to support the Black community in any way I can during my current studies, and in my future endeavors.
Jose BermudezI am taking this pledge because there needs to be justice in this world, and this pledge articulates a personal framework for me to be an accomplice towards achieving it.Debra MorrisonI still recall the first time I heard an overtly racist remark by my 3rd grade teacher and it horrified me. My parents were engaged and engaged us as a family in the pursuit of racial justice. My great nieces and nephews are Black, Asian, Hispanic and White. We are not free until everyone has experiences that support inclusion, equity and diversity for each and all.
Victoria BernalI am married to a Black man and we have two daughters. Our family has faced racism first-hand. I was anti-racist before I ever met my husband, but experiencing racism first-hand in many forms is different than understanding it intellectually. This is a global struggle but we can start where we live and work. I want to see a more equitable culture for everyone at UCI.Naomi MorrissetteMy niece and nephew are Black and my son is White; I love all three children very much and want them to have equal access to empowering personal experiences, education, and success. I know that I can always learn from the diversity and strength of my students at UCI and I hope to reach, teach and empower all students in my classes.
Daniel BerryBecause if I'm not actively working to combat racism, I am part of the problem. Complacency is part of what enables systemic racism to oppress BIPOC folx, and it isn't enough to be aware of racism. Carlin MotleyAll people are equal and it is the responsibility of people with privilege to support the advancement of equality.
Nakia BestAs a Black woman it is important for me to be actively involved in building a culture where myself and other Black people can thrive at UCI. Elizabeth MuehlmannInequality anywhere is inequality everywhere.
Roland BetancourtBecause our nation has supported and outwardly sustained a cruel program of systematic racism. When challenged or questioned, it has redoubled its efforts and villainized all who have protested or resisted. If we as scholars, thinkers, and educators are not willing to stand for this, then who will allow our current and future Black students and colleagues survive and thrive. Jazmine MunozGiven the incredibly polarized political climate we live in today, I believe it’s important that we as a society (especially in the United States) not only acknowledge the persistence of racism, but ACTIVELY make efforts to stop it in order build a truly equitable community.
Heather BiltonAnti-blackness has maintained its presence throughout all institutions in the United States for far too long. If we are to defeat it, we must all work together to do so. I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem that allows anti-blackness to persist.Kenneth MurphyThe existence of racism of any kind is a fear-driven phenomena that demonstrates ignorance and weakness. For far too long we have ignored both big and small acts of overt and covert racism against our black brothers and sisters. We must work actively on ourselves, our organizations, and our institutions to raise awareness and ultimately implement change. Our ultimate goal is to overcome fear with empathy, wisdom, and shared destiny to ensure equal opportunity for everyone.
Davidian BishopAs a white person, it is imperative to recognize my whiteness, the privilege that comes with that, and actively engage in antiracism work. I am the Director of the LGBT Resource Center at UCI. We are a social justice space and this work is at the core of everything we do. All of our liberation is connected. Black people around the nation are under attack on multiple levels and have been for hundreds of years. This has to be a priority for me and other folx to be co-conspirators and align ourselves as individuals at UCI with our stated values of uplifting black voices and creating true and change in our culture and climate. Jeffry Nahmias Ensure we all confront racism
Piyashi BiswasI want UCI to be a place where everyone is an equal part of the community and feels that way. There should be no place for hate and discrimination in any form. Lisa NaugleAnti-Black racism is a very serious obstacle to living a happy, healthy and prosperous life. I am making this pledge to demonstrate my conscious objection against it.
Sara BlanchardI grew up in the Georgia, in an area where cotton and plantations were a part of my daily scenery. Living in southern California for the past 6 years, I forgot where I came from. Since the pandemic I have been displaced to my hometown. The oppression of Black people in the south palpable, while privlaged whites plauge the streets. I have never been more proud to be part of an organization than I am to be a part of UCI because of their fearless inovation and unwaverying commitment to equality and inclusinveness. It is my hope that by taking this pledge and being involved with the UCI Black Thriving Initiative, that I will be able to extend this pledge to areas like Athens, Ga thereby encouraging educational establishments such as the University of Georgia with a deep racist history who continue to oppress Black children, women and men in the community , to WAKE UP and start to right the generational wrongs that are continuing to be perpetuated against the Black community. Carla NelsonA reckoning has been needed for years. Glad to see action being taken.
Mathew Blurton-JonesI recognize how important it is to have a diverse and supportive environment at UC Irvine for al of our students, staff, and faculty. I also understand that all of us need to continue to learn how we can help to confront and end anti-black racism, prejudice, and bias.Edward NelsonIt is important to acknowledge the existence of intrinsic racism in our society. As one of my black american patients said, "Recognition of the problem is the first step towards the solution".
Suzie BohlsonEveryone needs to get involved in order to change the culture. My actions can make a difference.Jennifer Nelson MartinezI am committed to creating an inclusive workforce and a supportive educational environment.
Jessica BoltonIt's about time to provide this kind of institution-wide support to Black people!Caroline NesterBecause everyone deserves to feel safe and respected.
Julie BookwalterAs a person with privilege, I want to understand and act more when I see anti-Black racism.Ethan NguyenTaking this pledge is important because too many people don't realize that anti-Black racism exists in America. This has gone on for far too long and has affected to many people. It is important that we all recognize it as a problem and educate ourselves on how to remove it from the culture and from the world.
Judith BorghoutsIn order to build a culture where Black people can thrive, it is important for everyone to be committed to acknowledging, understanding, and confronting anti-Blackness at UCI.Megan NguyenIt is important to acknowledge that racism towards the Black community exists before we can create change to mitigate the micro- and macro-aggressions Black people face and allow all people the same opportunities in life. I believe in the American dream.
Nicholas BoroskiWe are all equal. Human. The fact this even has to be an issue is a disgrace and our ancestors will look at us with shame. Sheila NguyenI would like to learn more how I can help build a culture where black people can thrive in our UCI community.
Dawn BoundsAs a Black person, taking this pledge affirms my identity and experience as a Black faculty member at UCI. Joining others on campus to affirm my identity and experience is important to me because it acknowledges the need to transform the UCI environment as a place where I and other Black faculty, staff, and students can and should thrive by directly confronting anti-Blackness and racism. I am appreciative of this collective space that facilitates tearing down structural violence against me and my people.Alex NicolauBecause URM need to prosper if our society is to prosper.
Willow BowersIt is imperative to include everyone equally and we have not made enough efforts to do so, but the university is only one area, we still have a long way to go and a lot to change.Carissa NihartThis pledge is important to me because it promotes practices that promote greater consciousness of the Black experience and has the potential for that to transform as anti-blackness is challenged in society.
Peter BowlerIt is fundamental to our culture to be actively, openly and clearly engaged in an ongoing way to empowering diversity and inclusion in all of our actions - both professionally and in our personal lives.Matthew NikontThere are too many people who refuse to accept the fact that systemic racism not only exists, but is prevalent in society today. The fact that there are people who can openly deny that is solid proof that privilege has made them blind to the truth.
Shohreh BozorgmehriTo take a positive and responsible step forward and help build a culture at UCI where Black people thrive.Dalena NongThis pledge is important to me because I want my fellow peers to feel welcome anywhere.
Kevin BradfordThe progress of UCI on race issues affects my family and society directly. UCI has the momentum as leaders in this space and I want to extend this momentum to my family and all my UCI and personal networks to affect real change. Jami NourseI have long been frustrated by and aware of the injustice and bias against Black people in America regarding police brutality and targeting, but I didn't realize the extent of the systemic racism in America (ie: bank loan bias, food deserts, etc). I also have been ignorant about what I could do personally to do something about it. This pledge is important to me because greater numbers may lead to real change.
Kevin BradfordThis pledge is important to me especially because I am dedicated to the mission of Thrive. This is the unique opportunity to build community, to educate, to change culture, and to provide opportunities for Black students, faculty, and staff. Each sentence of the pledge resonates with me deeply. The acknowledgement and education needed of anti-Black racism is at the core. Institutional racism is rampant in society and it creates knowledge structures that perpetuate bias and exclusion and permeates deeply into the institutions that provide formative experiences. Anti-Black racism must be acknowledged. Anti-Black micro and macro aggressions are pervasive and create unpleasant and often hostile work and social environments. Recognizing the uncredited labor that Black people expend to manage the effects of unconscious and conscious acts of bias, prejudice and bigotry is important. The labor and angst associated with the labor is effortful and debilitating. Creating a culture where Black students, staff, and faculty can thrive is worth all of the efforts and I am honored that my university is taking leadership in this space. I am committed to this initiative. Marie Nubia-Feliciano, Ph.D.As a Latina of African descent I think it is important that UC Irvine take deliberate and overt steps to educate and support everyone about the issues impacting the Black community on campus. Doing this aligns directly with the mission of the university.
Alyssa BrewerI want to help improve equity, inclusion, and justice for everyone. Building a culture in which Black people thrive fundamental to this goal.Cristi NunezBecause systemic racism and social injustice is long overdue to end!
Jackie BrownThe pledge is important to me because I want my mixed race children to grow up in a society where they are equally accepted and learn to do the same for others, regardless of differences.Adey Nyamathi I am totally committed to do everything in my power to fight anti-Black racism and discrimination of all forms.
Eliane BrukettaI want to be an effective ally in combating anti-blackness. In order to do this, I need to educate myself and be an advocate to improve our community and the community at large.Ellen ObryantThe necessary change cannot happen without our continued vigilance toward the goal and active involvement by all on campus.
Natalie BryantThe more people that take the pledge, the more we know that there is growing support for this movement.Gabriella OchoaThis pledge is important to me because I believe that until black people are able to thrive at UCI then nobody that is a minority will be able to.
Anthony BurkeThere are many people who believe racism is dead in CA and not an issue here, yet if you speak to any black person they will tell you their experience. It is not enough to not have prejudices yourself, we must all actively fight racism until it is truly dead.Che OchtliIt is only through solidarity that we move forward, as a queer latinx person, my path was made on the foundations and efforts of black lives, their life experiences echo those of my people, but I and many of my people still get to thrive. As uncomfortable as these conversations can be, they are necessary.
Leanne BurkeBecause I believe that all who enter UCI should be welcomed, feel safe, and thrive.Cailin O'ConnorIt is important to me that all students and faculty can occupy a supportive learning environment. And it's time we make that a reality for Black community members.
Mara BurnsI live in a racist society, and it is important to me to officially take a pledge to for myself to do better and call out others as well to create a different society that can include everyone.Diane O'DowdTo commit publicly to supporting the mission to building a better culture
Candace BurtonBecause I look around my school, my classroom and I see mostly white faces. Because I am disgusted when people of color are asked to "teach" others about their lives and struggles, rather than the privileged taking responsibility for their own awareness. Because I get comments on my student evaluations that I am "biased," "too political," "opinionated" when I push students to recognize the implications of social justice in our work as health care providers. Because I am sick of being silent out of fear for my own career progress. Alek OeiEveryone has the right to live.
Natascha BuswellI am taking this pledge so that others can keep me accountable. I am dedicated to learning about the experiences of Black students, faculty, and professionals. I am also committing to speaking out when I hear and see people or systems that are anti-Black.Evan Oldfield GossI want to improve my understanding of issues confronting black people so that I can improve my own behavior and be better informed when discussing the issues with other people.
Dedra ButlerI Believe in the Mission and Urgent Need for Attention and Support to Combat Anti-Blackness to help Black People Thrive everywhere. We must support each other in creating safe, open and honest conversations that will lead to awareness and practical applications for the UCI Campus and the entire UC system to lead by example at the highest levels and across the states, so that equal treatment and justice for all, can and will be a reality rather than just a "Dream."Judith OlsonI have attended a reading group about Black in the Academy led by Mimi Ito in Informatics. We have been doing a lot of reading and discsussing about systemic racism in higher education. We are thrilled to see this initiative here at UCI. I want to see it succeed! That's why this pledge is important to me.
Jennifer ButlerTo keep me accountableDeirdre O'ReillyThis pledge is a small acknowledgement of the work I have to do.
John ButlerOur past efforts have not been up to the task to reverse the racism which has persisted in our country since it's inception. Aurora OrozcoThe reason taking this pledge is important to me is that I want Black people to feel appreciated and safe, i want Black people to receive the same respect and care we all do. I want to make a difference and help rectify what is currently plaguing my Black brothers and sisters.
Alexia CageI am black and I feel like minorities need to take part in making the pledge and leading by example of what inclusion and acceptance looks like. Melissa OrrI'm married to an African American man and have 2 biracial sons. My family is the world to me and I want them to live in a world that does not see color only human beings.
Rick CallenderBecause justice and equality for every single person, regardless of race, gender, color, creed, orientation, is a basic human right.Mariana OrtegaThis pledge is important to me because Black Lives Matter. There's nothing more important than creating a world in which our students don't have to be afraid to walk around campus, fearing that a police officer will attack them, due to the color of their skin. We as a university need to do better and let those students know that we see and hear them.
Hannah CampbellI want to ensure that my actions and engagement support and do not harm black colleagues, students and community members. I want to be an advocate and ally for my colleagues and students. This is an integral part of creating a supportive and academically successful program that benefits from the engagement of people from all walks of life and acknowledges and works to eliminate the historical norm of anti-blackness.Ruth OrtegaIt's long overdue that we recognize the unfair treatment that the black community has been facing. Confronting this issue will allow us to make positive progress towards actual change.
Sandra CamperoIt's important to take action and contribute to solutions for positive change. I want to be an ally, advocate and supporter of Black students, faculty, employees and community. Jasmine Osei-EninAs a Black women in STEM, I can see the blatant inequality in the low number of Black and Brown scientists in my entire building. Work can be quite isolating. I engage because I believe in and understand the importance of these initiatives. I am in a position that many of my fellow Black Americans are not, so it is my duty to make sure that there is active engagement and change in these places that are often inaccessible to oppressed groups. I ask for my colleagues to do their part. In order for that to happen, I need to do mine as well.
Maritza CampoI want to help create a safe learning and working environment where black individuals feel both valued and respected.Rachel O'TooleI recognize the need to shift the culture, the institutional apparatus, and the systematic discourse from tolerance to thriving by directly confronting anti-blackness.
Claudia CamposTaking this pledge is important to me because it is fundamentally grounded in my personal and professional values. Creating and sustaining a campus environment where Black students, staff, and faculty are thriving is critical and needs to remain a top priority. Taking this pledge is the first step in ensuring that I am contributing to building a campus culture where Black people can thrive. Tiana OtubuahI’m Black and I have gone through and seen anti-Blackness on this campus as a former student, alumna and current staff member.
Anjelica CardenasI am an ally to the Black community. I believe it is important to stand up for my Black colleagues and raise them up so that all can thrive.Larry OvermanI have four mixed race grandchildren. I believe the best hope for the future of the US is an anti-racist political and social agenda.
Shannon CareyWhile I was an undergraduate student at UCI, I took what was then called a "Women's Studies" course and I was confronted with my white privilege. I was also confronted with the high privileges I hold in other identities of my intersectional self. It was difficult to sit with because I assumed my recognition of my own privilege was also an assumption that my life mattered less, my life was "easier", and what I have accomplished didn't matter as much. However, I have come to realize that is not the case and it is apparent we are living in a biased, prejudicial society with clear racism that is impacting Black people as a whole. I own my privilege and I work in every way that I can to confront racism remarks and statements because that is one way that my privilege can be used for the betterment of others. I know I have a lot to learn, but I am grateful that my place of work is actively working to train everyone on how to learn and enact this pledge. Now, as a nurse pursuing forensic nurse examiner services for UCI, it is even more imperative that I carry this pledge with me at all times to ensure that we not only build a thriving culture for Black people, but that we also protect Black people from injustice and racism in times when needed most - survivors of violent crimes. I am proud to work for UCI because it is one thing to post a black square on social media and it is another to continue this work to make our world a better place by actively engaging faculty, staff, and students in the work of confronting anti-Blackness.Sue PadernachtJustice, equity, respect, care, compassion, understanding, appreciation - all need progress for the Black community at UC and the entire OC environment and ecosystem.
Gustavo CarloMake explicit and clear that racism and social injustice are prevalent and that we need a passionate commitment to combat. Madeleine Pahlbecause equality is critical for a healthy community
Elizabeth CarpraruI take this pledge because I believe we are all equal and are entitled to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" as stated in our declaration of Independence and we are all responsible for creating a culture that supports one another to achieve this. Nancy PalmerFor my mixed-race family and the future of my kids who are African American.
Nancy CarterBecause I care about equality. Nancy PalmerMy family is African-American and I want to help build a promising future them where they don't have to worry about the color of their skin.
Sarah CasseusWe can't allow racist dog whistles by people in positions of influence undermine the critical work being done by Black people on this campus.Kristy PalomaresBecause Black lives and joy matter. Too often, Black peoples' work and worth go uncredited. As a Latinx person, I am all too familiar with anti-Black racism in my community. I want to help build a world where all folks, including Black people, can thrive freely and safely, without the threat of interpersonal and systemic violence/oppression.
Jeanett CastellanosWe must advocate for social equity and social justice. BTI is an excellent plan of action that we must implement for UCI. Increased numbers of Black faculty and staff are necessary. Our black students must also have quality experiences at UCI. Thank you for this opportunity. Eufemia PalominoIt is important to model this intention in every department at UCI. Even though, as a staff member, I don't integrate with students or faculty that much, it's important to keep the commitment to inclusive excellence through UCI including it's staff. It solidifies the mission and integrates the vision to include all facets at UCI, not just the academic side.
Kimberly CastellanosIt is important for me to recognize and understand the ways in which anti-Black racism permeates in all spaces in which I exist, act for justice and inclusive excellence, and celebrate Black Excellence - in the past, present, and future. Arjun PamidiEvery human being has the right to aspire to achieve something—and to work towards achieving that something. Typically, this pursuit is challenging. We all know that life already comes with an incredible number of challenges as it is—but for Black people, there is another, especially pressing challenge present every single day. One of the role models I look up to the most is Black, and as someone who faced rampant racism growing up, this is how he described this challenge: "Most white men have no idea how hard it can be. I wish they did. Because then they'd know how it drains you. How some days, all you want to do is stay home and wallow because to go public is to be completely exposed, vulnerable to a world that tracks and judges you. At least that's how it feels" (David Goggins, an Ultra-Marathoner and retired Navy SEAL in his book, "Can't Hurt Me"). Here at UCI, we will not ignore this challenge—we won't keep it in the dark. Instead, we all have to shine our own light on it, and in doing so, create a community where one's skin color doesn't make life more challenging. Instead, we must make it abundantly clear that in our community, one's individuality is prized and one can aspire to achieve whatever they dream of. Fiat Lux.
Peter ChangRecently I have begun to learn more about the challenges, hurdles, barriers, etc., that African Americans have suffered in America. As a fellow human being, I am sympathetic and empathetic to suffering, and want to do my part to redress the wrongdoings of America. In so doing, I hope that we may also help make strides toward offsetting wrongdoings done unto other ethnic groups, including Native Americans, Asian Americans, and more.Virginia PanishConfronting and dismantling systems of anti-blackness should be the work of all white people, especially those, like myself, who are involved in educating teachers for California public schools.
Katie ChappellI want to acknowledge and confront the ways I have been racist or prejudiced against the black community, consciously or unconsciously, and ensure that black folks feel safe, welcomed, and valued at UCI and in my community.Virginia PanishI realize that anti-Blackness is something that I need to continually and actively work on in my day to day life as an administrator.
Jeff CharlsonIt is time to right the wrongs of structural racism.Nick PannunzioFor UCI to be a leader in research, all voices need to be present and heard in our laboratories. Systemic anti-Black racism, and the lack of opportunities and the unfair struggles that it brings for Black Americans, is a problem that has kept too many voices out of the research conversation for far too long and needs to be addressed and confronted head-on.
Sara ChavezIt is important for our generation to completely acknowledge this, AND take actions. It is crucial to our future as a society that the ignorance and unjust hate die with us! Brian ParedesSystematic racism is not only alive & well, but it seems to have been recharged given the current state of the nation (polarization). It can be and must be consistently addressed in order to dismantle and ostracize it today and the foreseeable future, where it is completely unacceptable in any way, shape or form.
Evan ChengI wanted to do at least the bare minimum in tackling this issue.Gerald ParhamAs an alumni from the 1970's, UCI was a very different place. To have seen the growth and development over time is admirable, but there is still much work to be done. As a staff person for 22+ years, I am encouraged by the effort and the initiative the campus is showing and will continue to do what I can to help bring this initiative to the fullest expression of what it can be.
Ashley CheriBecause it is our job to create inclusive and supportive environments where students, faculty, and staff are able to learn from one another and grow together. Daniel K. ParkI'm taking the pledge because this work is critical to dismantling oppressive systems and moving us towards liberation for all BIPOC.
Drew ChesenTo create a culture at UCI where all Black people thrive as students, faculty and staff, where there is equity and inclusiveness and everyone feels a sense of belonging. To work personally and collectively to eliminate anti-Black micro- and macro-aggressions so that everyone in our community is valued and respected.Elizabeth ParkI recognize the racial injustice particularly against African American/Black community and the ways in which racial injustice is embedded within the fabric of today's society. I pledge to work towards eradicating anti-Black racism.
Naomi CheslerHolocaust survivor, author and scholar Elie Wiesel said "We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim." I am taking this pledge to take sides against racism, especially anti-Black racism, to promote a more just and fair society.Hannah ParkRacism is rampant in the U.S. and it has got to stop. All humans should be treated equally, with respect and dignity. We can all do better.
Chun-Chung ChoiSocial justice is important to all of us. There is no room for anti-Black racism!Jeni ParkI see the lack of black representation on the UCI campus and I do recognize that there must be a reason for this and want to be a part of the change that makes UCI more racially diverse.
Joana ChoiThis pledge indicates that I, as an employee of UCI, am committing my time, energy, and resources for the purpose of this vision becoming a reality. It is imperative that as a university dedicated to growth, we face structural racism in all it's ugliness and state "no more." This pledge indicates that I am taking an individual responsibility to assist in creating an environment for Black students to thrive in school and in their future communities.Sharon ParksWe need to do better.
Yoo Mi ChoiBlack lives matter and I/we have a responsibility to not just say, but show that it does.Christine PastorAnti-Blackness affects everyone in every facet of our daily lives, from strangers to within our extended families. There has to be change, as we all need to confront the ugly reality of historical bias.
Stephen ClancyIt's true that Black Americans have been subject to racism and prejudice in the country for generations. That this continues into the 21st century is troubling and sadly requires extraordinary action. Shraddha PatelWe need a better world for our children. It starts with teaching and leading by example, modeling why loving everyone regardless of color, or anything else matters over everything else. ONE LOVE.
Madeline ClausenBecause it's 2020 and racism shouldn't be a feature of American society.Jone PearceI support this initiative and want to publicly say so.
Annalisa ColivaTo help the Black community thrive and to build a more just society and academic community.Chaya PearlBecause I want to build a world where everyone is equal and seen as capable as anyone else to so anything
Ian CollerRaised in another settler colonial society, I know how destructive anti-Black racism is on a global scale, and how urgently we need to address it. A thriving culture for Black people makes a better and richer community for all of us. Jose PedrozaThis is important to me because I come from a diverse family background who have all felt the impacts of racism in our lives. The events of this year have weighed heavy on us all. I felt the backslide of progress in these last few years, and feel the need more than ever to support all efforts to confront racism, prejudice, and bigotry toward Black people in this moment.
Rachael CollinsAside from the fact that I've spent the entirety of my career in the Composition Program at UCI teaching black American literature and history, mass incarceration, and free speech abuses of black Americans, the pledge is meaningful to me because I am interested in raising awareness of anti-black racism. Equally important is teaching my non-black students that full participation in American identity involves a profound commitment to the black American experience. If this pledge helps to get that message across, I'm glad. Marcelino Penaeach one, teach one Black lives matter “There are some realms in which names, nomination, is premature. My only loyalties are to the morally just world; and my happiest and most stunning opportunity for raising hell with corruption and deceit are with other Black people.” --Cedric J. Robinson
Luis Colon-PerezEliminating discrimination for one is the first step to eliminate discrimination for allElizabeth PeñaAs an educational and research community, we have a responsibility to ensure that we create a community where Black people (students, faculty, staff) florish and thrive.
Freddie CombsDiversity within an environment of inclusivity and equality fostered by the promotion of systemic unity is the cornerstone of success for any institution.Rachel PerryBecause I am grateful to have been shaped by Black teachers and mentors in every step of my career, and I want to support the next generation of Black scholars
Gabrielle ComfortFor the betterment of our UCI, city, county, state, nation and greater world community.Orion PettitBlack people have been facing discrimination for so long, dealing with the generational trauma on top of the anti-Blackness of America is, no doubt, hurting them both mentally and physically. Although I am a minority myself, my skin is light enough to be privileged, so acknowledging this, as well as standing with black people against the systems that America has put in place to subjugate them, will lead the path to healing.
Dan CooperHate crimes including antisemitism are on the rise in this country. No one has felt this to a greater degree than the black community. The recent hateful ASUCI anti-Israel and anti-semitic resolution prompted me to take the anti-blackness pledge. Hopefully, this will encourage our community to confront all racism in all its ugly forms.Robert PhalenI help those in need.
Kara CorreaIn order to create change, it takes everyone lifting each other up in ways that build community, acknowledge issues and address the need to move forward together in order for society to truly thrive as a whole.Anh PhamIn order to overcome systemic oppression, the community must recognize, lift up, and support those most impacted by it.
Michael CranstonI feel by taking the pledge and committing to action that I can make a difference. It's important that faculty in leadership positions set a positive example. As head of the mathematics department, I am pledged to promote Black representation in mathematics at all levels, undergraduate, graduate, post doctoral and faculty. Annie PhanThe Black community has suffered too much under the systemic racism engrained in our society. It is time and has always been the time to ally with the Black community to ensure they get treated the way they deserve to be treated: equal with respect.
Grace CrvarichEveryone needs to participate in improving the culture so black people are included as full participants at UCI and beyond.Johnny PhanEquality is very important to me, and I believe that everyone is equal and should have equal opportunities in life. However, there is still a lot of racism to acknowledge and fix, and making this pledge to say that I am aware of these issues and want to rectify them is an important step towards my goal of equality.
Brian CummingsThis pledge is important to me to show support for my black colleagues, students, staff, and friends. Racism is real, white privilege is real. To not even acknowledge the problem is to be part of the problem. Patricia PiersonThis pledge is important to me because I believe that when every member of our community feels loved, accepted, recognized, and heard, our community thrives. Fighting anti-Blackness is both the right thing to do and it’s a good thing for everyone. Racism directly hurts people of color, but what so many don’t think about is how it is also hurting our entire society. And I also strongly believe that as a white person, it’s on me to stop racism.
Zahra DabzadehThis pledge is a small gesture to reaffirm my solidarity with the movement for justice and peace for my Black sisters and brothers. I send all of my love and energy, and aspire to be of service and support to them in action.Robert PlogmanThe United States of America needs to acknowledge its past and make every effort to educate and enlighten all individuals. We must stand together to put an end to anti-Black racism from institutional to the bigotry or racial bias of individuals. Our past bleeds into our present which directs our future, and there is no future without equality.
Emily DaileyBlack Lives Matter is a human rights issue. I must outwardly affirm my allyship to empower Black Americans and let them know that I will stand in solidarity.Valerie PolunasThis pledge is important to me, because it helps hold me accountable for my words, actions and inaction. It is my way of showing both personal and institutional support to make UCI and our greater community a place where Black people can thrive.
Sofia DangI want to be part of a community that welcomes and uplifts all students, staff, faculty and community stakeholders. Estuardo PoncianoI acknowledge that anti-black racism exists and it is our responsibility to assess and evaluate our roles in upholding it, whether consciously or not, and ensure we eradicate anti-black racism from our institutions.
Maggie DavisIt is important to me because I support my friends of color and am heartbroken by the anti-Black racism that has been bubbling to the surface all over our country. Khamia PowellAs a student of color, and particularly as a Black student, I am taking this pledge because I acknowledge and have experienced Anti-Blackness across this and many institutions. I appreciate these initial actionable steps that UCI is taking to create a more positive climate where Black students like me can survive and thrive.
Emily DawidoffBlack people thriving is important to me. I take the pledge to show my support for the UCI initiative and my support for the tenets of the pledge and their application to the world at large. Jessica PrattI believe strongly that to be our best - as individuals, as departments, and as institutions - we need to create cultures and environments where every person can thrive and contribute as their whole authentic self. For this to happen, we need to acknowledge injustices and systemic barriers faced by the Black community and work intentionally to dismantle those in order to work towards a future where everyone can thrive.
Roseanne De GuzmanBeing self-aware and recognizing that individuals do have a role in fighting against discrimination, however small, is necessary for collective action and change. Annie QuWe need to advocate our diversity and promote inclusion, not just for ourselves, but also for the next generation.
Mei DengIt is important that we acknowledge all our cultural differences within the community while also promoting equality and equity.R RadhakrishnanAll lives matter only on the basis of black lives matter and not the other way around. The most inclusive and equitable way to care and honor ALL LIVES is via the perspective of BLACK LIVES. Simple reason: humanism itself has always been an anti/Black Humanism.
Michael DenninWe have learned enough at this moment in time to understand that there are institutional structures contributing to anti-Black racism and we need to name those and change them if we are to move forward and that can only be done with a campuswide effort.R RadhakrishnanBlack Lives Matter. Therefore All Lives Matter.Not the other way around.
Cynthia DennisAs a white staff person at UCI I appreciate the opportunity to state my commitment to confronting racism, specifically anti-Black racism. I am glad our campus is taking the initiative to becoming a welcoming and nurturing environment for our Black students and colleagues. I am prepared to do the work and I know others are too, but campus leadership is essential as many of us are not in positions to lead change. Nina RaffioIt is important to me to support an environment of anti-racism on campus and beyond.
Katherine DiazAs a Mexican-American mother, I want my children to not be judged on the color of their skin or their ethnic heritage, rather based on the person they are. I am trying to raise my kids to be respectful human beings who support others regardless of their skin color, ethnic background, gender status or sextual orientation, and I want them to embrace these differences.Regina RaganThe only way we can transform our community is acknowledging that systemic racism exists and be mindful of changing the cultural and willing to look inward. I am committed to make UCI a community where everyone can thrive and contribute with their unique expertise and life experiences.
Michelle DigmanI want to contribute in making UCI an environment that is both supportive, inclusive, and diverse where everyone can thrive. Melissa RamirezI am taking this pledge for Brianna, my niece, and Marcus, my nephew. I want them to grow up in a world where they do not have to be afraid for their lives because of the color of their skin!
Natalie DiprosperoI think this pledge is the first of many steps members of the UCI community need to take to rectify their complicity in promoting anti-Black racism both overtly and insidiously. I'd like to the administration ask Anteaters to re-commit to the pledge at the start of every school year. I hope this pledge will serve as a reminder that the work doesn't end.Teresa Bernadette RaschillaWe need to remove arbitrary barriers to opportunity for everyone, especially Black students, faculty, administrators, and staff to whom recognition and access have been historically denied.
Quynh Theresa DoTaking the pledge is important to me to promote Black excellence at UCI and create an environment for Black students to thrive. We must support our Black students throughout their time at UCI. We must acknowledge anti-Black racism and how we contribute to aggressions, whether intentional or not. It is important to take action now more than ever. Jody RawlesInstitutional racism continues to effect African American and other minorities in this country. As a leader in the community, UC Irvine needs to make public affirmations and corrective actions to address the explicit and implicit biases that persist in our community.
Franklin DollarThe only way to deal with the many, many catastrophic events from the past is to approach them head on and engage, not by acting like the problem doesn't exist or went away. Arturo RazoIt is important to create the best environment for all of my colleagues, students, and the community as a whole. In order to do so, we must acknowledge the environment we are supporting in our everyday actions-both intentionally and/or unintentionally.
Emily DowOur goal for diversity and inclusion and righting historic injustice with the Black community depends on all of us.Marie RebeteranoThis pledge is important to me because I want to live in a world where black people are seen as equals to everyone else and are not discriminated against because of their skin color.
Emily DowWe need an institutional policy against racism not just at UCI but at all UC campuses.Alison ReganWe have a terrific opportunity to work against anti-Black racism and build a thriving culture for Black students, faculty, and staff at UCI. I applaud this initiative.
Annelise DowneyAs a member of a minority thriving institution, it is important for me and important for our community to not only acknowledge the existence but actively confront anti-blackness.Dylan ReinsdorfI see behaviors in myself and community that are non inclusive and anti-black and I see the pledge as a representative first step toward solving a problem: accepting the problem. I accept the problem.
Ellen DruffelIt is the right thing to do.Stephanie Reyes-TuccioEvery one of us has a part to play in creating a more just community.
Jaya DubeyIf I want to empower my students I must acknowledge I benefit from and participate in anti-Blackness. I want to become an active anti-racist, and ally of Black people. I fully support the Black students' demands for equity and representation. I demand that UCI mandate training for everyone on campus to fight against racism and anti-Blackness in particular. Lila RezaeiI want to help bring about change.
Kelly DulcieI am part of the minority population and want the ability to live and thrive safely in any community.Katherine RhodesAs a Black faculty member, I am taking this pledge because I feel that it is important to stay vigilant in the fight against anti-Blackness. Sometimes I experience racial battle fatigue. Taking this pledge helps me find a renewed sense of strength.
James EarthmanDiversity is powerful.Jill RichardsonHigher education is a space where all students, staff, and faculty should feel free to learn, work, and thrive unencumbered by others people's biases. We must make a conscious effort to do better for the Black members of the Anteater Family and make UCI a safe and inclusive campus.
Courtney ElmesAs a staff member responsible for an undergraduate academic unit, it is critical that our Black students, staff and faculty have an environment that allows them to thrive - and that we continue to develop a culture where everyone believes in this and lives it in their everyday lives so the impact if felt outside of UCI as well.Chrstopher RichmondThis matters to us all. We move forward, together, or we are bound to the mistakes of our past.
Michelle EmeterioBecause goals are more likely to happen when you put them in writing. To the best of my ability, I have been an ally to the black community for as long as I can remember, but my "best" was often far from enough. There is always room for growth and more action.Amy RicksInclusive Excellence, equal opportunity, and diversity have been core values of the UC system for as long as I can recall. We have an opportunity to not only do the right thing here, but to have critical and honest conversations with open minds to improve the professional and academic advancement of Black people at UCI and within our community and in doing so, improve us all. We absolutely have to ask questions, educate ourselves and others... engaging in critical conversations is so important, especially in academia where we work together globally to make a better future for all. We should consider ourselves fortunate to be at a critical time in U.S. history with the opportunity of a reckoning and acknowledgement of institutionally racist roots in higher education to reject and dismantle anti-Blackness and racism.
Christian EnoI owe it to my Black sisters and brothers to confront anti-Blackness and get over my feelings of discomfort, for the Black community has felt uncomfortable all their lives.Joni Ricks-OddieI am dedicated to the advancement of Black people and think it is vitally important for others to do the same.
Somphone EnoThis pledge is my commitment to learn more about anti-Black racism so I can better support the Black community. It is important for me that everyone has open access to the same opportunities and resources to thrive.Laura RicoThe university cannot live up to its full potential as a leader in research, teaching and innovation if Black people are excluded or unable to thrive. Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. Creating a culture of opportunity and inclusion benefits all of us.
Ekpeju E-NunuThe pledge is important to me as an individual who identifies as a Black male and and as a student affairs professional. The pledge is also important as someone who recognizes the inequities that exist in our society and how those can permeate the institution of higher education.Andy RiveraLong over due!!!
Doug EverhartAs a health promotion professional, all forms of racism, and especially anti-Black racism, is a public health issue and crisis. If people don't have access to resources, or feel connected to and part of the campus community, they can't be adequately served, much less thrive.Ronald RiveraWe all have the right to exist in spaces that are both comfortable and supportive. Acknowledging this pledge allows us to continue creating this environment for our colleagues and students.
Melissa FalkenstienI am horrified at the continued acts of violence and murder against the black community, and that systems of racism continue to exist. Additionally, politicians in the highest offices in our country refuse to denounce these acts and, instead, empower those that act on their hate of blacks. My children have become numb to this hatred. It is enough.Raechel RixI want to create a safe space for people that identify as black.
Jenny FanI am committed to making change in our community and it starts with me. Anti-Black racism exists, it is pervasive in our culture and in our lives. Each and everyone one of us must work every day to learn, change our mindset, and be proactive in acquiring the tools necessary combat internalized white supremacy. I commit to listening, learning, and being a better ally in creating a thriving culture for Black staff, students, and faculty because it is unacceptable to hear stories of the daily slow and fast violence happening in our communities, which includes UCI. Liz RobisonBecause racism and discrimination towards anyone is wrong. People have been hurt and continue to be hurt. It is wrong. This behavior needs to change. Let's start now.
Martha FeldmanIt is important for people to understand how much support there is at UCI for understanding anti-black racism and learning how to change systems that perpetuate racism. Anjane RodgersMaking this pledge is important because anti-blackness is a real problem and unfortunately still exists even at UCI.
Megan Felix This pledge is important to me because there is a problem that is occurring in our Country and it needs to be addressed. I hope to be a better ally for everyone who is affected by the systemic racism that occurs everyday in our Country and World. Alyssa RomeaI see myself as someone who's both oppressor and oppressed. My possession of certain privileges means that I benefit from systems that oppress others; at the same time, my belonging to marginalized groups means that I suffer from other systems that oppress me. This duality reminds me that my inaction comes at the cost of preventable suffering. I want to work for a country that is more fair and more just, knowing that that's worth all the time and energy it will take.
Jacqueline FerrerTaking this pledge is the first step to accepting the need for reform our certain ways of coexisting to a new age where we see more black people celebrated as we see historic white figures in American history Rebecca RootliebI support taking action that will help Black students, staff and faculty thrive at UCI.
Marcello FioccoBecause anti-Black racism is abhorrent and wrong and I want to do something, however small, to build a culture where Black people thriveAlisson RowlandUnderstanding and unlearning anti-Blackness is my responsibility as a member of academia and a member of society.
Brenda FisherMajor step in insuring our entire university support is rendered to all students with an attitude of inclusiveness afforded to insure our students maximum levels of acceptance and understanding.Aubrey RuddBy taking the pledge, I'm recognizing that I still have work to do, but I'm willing collectively with my UC Irvine community.
Jan FisherBecause Black Lives should have always mattered.Cynthia RudeI want to acknowledge my privilege as I do the hard work to understand anti-black racism and the systemic changes that must be made. I don't want to sit on the sidelines, I want to be a participant in needed change.
Jennifer FisherI may have filled in this pledge before, sorry if duplicated. Undoing racism and recognizing dance of the African diaspora has long been a feature of my teaching and scholarship. Kevin RuminsonIt is critical that we stand in support of our Black colleagues and strive to make UCI a place where they can study, research, and work without facing the added challenges of anti-Black racism, whether conscious or unconscious. UCI cannot be a truly great institution unless Black faculty, students, and staff feel welcome, comfortable and supported.
Jennifer FisherHave been working in the anti-racism realm for some time, because I believe in human rights. Sorry, I can't remember if I filled this in before, this could be the second time! I think I'm on all the mailing lists, so I didn't check that again to prevent double mailings.Amy RuthWe ALL need to feel validated and be truly seen as a vital part of this institution. We succeed so much more together than apart.
Laura FitzmauriceI take the pledge to help us get out of denial. Justice demands that anti-Black racism be acknowledged and ended. Excellence demands the strength and perspective that Black voices offer. Amy RuthWe have to take this opportunity that has been given to all of us to do the right thing. We have to use this collective motivation to improve our society and really be "better" and finally more just.
Lisa FlanaganLong-standing systemic racism prevents us from recognizing our full potential as a University and as a nation. We need active steps to overcome it.Aryan SafaieSystemic racism and anti-blackness is antithetical to what I, as a graduate student at UCI, believe in.
Madison FleschIt is important that I, as a white person, stand with and elevate my BIPOC peers' voices when speaking about injustices upon them, and also to confront racism & anti-Blackness on my own time and in my own life. Diane SageyIt's just the right thing to do.
Cristina FloresThe pledge is important for me because we are all responsible for creating inclusive learning and working environments that validate the humanity Black people. Katie SalenI believe in the work that needs to be done to make UCI a place where Black students, faculty, staff and other members of our community thrive. I stand for anti-racism and commit to working on behalf of efforts to support Black lives.
Matthew FlyntzBecause I want to make sure Black students feel respected, supported, and safe, both in my classroom and beyond.Valerie SanchezIt is important for everyone to celebrate their individuality and cultural history. I am and want to continue to be part of a culture that supports and encourages an environment where black people thrive.
Molly FordThis pledge is a public declaration of my intentions to evolve when it comes to my understanding of and participation in anti-black racism and that I will work to affect change in those around me going forward.Valerie SanchezI want to show compassion and support for my fellow colleagues who are directly affected by the inequality.
Roxanne FordI know understand that not doing anything overtly or intentionally Anti-Black is not enough. I need to be a part of the solution to Anti-Blackness so America is a country where Black people thrive.Suzanne SandmeyerThis pledge is important because to me diversity is a core value that must be built into the fabric of our institutions. To some of us that is a given that we do not think about every day. The black community has not had that luxury. If we cannot articulate that we support them they never will.
Michelle FortierIt is an important first step in working toward disrupting and dismantling systems that uphold anti-Black racism.Megan SantagataThe first step in fixing an issue is to acknowledge it. So I would like to acknowledge that there is problem with racism at UCI
Norbert FortinMy family is interracial (my kids are Black, I'm white). Equity is a topic that is always on our minds and something I care deeply about. Even then, over the last few months, it became clear that I still didn't fully understand what our Black students are going through on a daily basis. It embarrasses me that I could be so off-the-mark on this, but there's a valuable lesson to learn here: we all need to educate and dedicate ourselves to this cause. David SantucciTaking this pledge is important to me because I want real progress and I believe in a future for this planet that is built on peace, harmony, mutual respect, trust, cooperation, and love. We cannot continue to pretend that racism in America isn't still a problem today--both on a personal level and systemically--and we cannot expect society to magically correct all our inequities and injustices if we do not take action. Especially if we are not willing, each as individuals, to take a good honest look in the mirror and see where we have failed in the past, and where we must do better going forward. And we cannot simply expect "the authorities" to fix everything for us. Certainly they must do their part--but we must each be willing to do our part as well. It will take every individual to solve this problem together, as this is a human problem caused by humans. Every life deserves the same dignity, respect, and opportunity that every other life does. Black Lives Matter!!!
Christie FowlerIt is critical that we identify anti-Black racism, whether overt or implicit, and commit to educating ourselves to make long-lasting personal and institutional changes to achieve a thriving, diverse culture. These efforts may then serve as a model to extend into other community organizations and thereby exert a broad impact, both locally and worldwide.Heidy Sasvin Change is long overdue! However, this pledge is a step in the right direction. It is an acceptance that Racism in healthcare is real. Black students, residents, faculty, and staff deserve to be in a safe and thriving environment. As an ally, I want Black people to be treated and valued equally. As physicians, we made a commitment to serve all people and promote health equity; It is time to hold ourselves accountable. #BlackLivesMatter #StopRacismInHealthcare #EndAntiBlackness
Elizabeth "Betsy" FranklinI am striving to be an anti-racist. I pledge to work daily toward changing racist policies and acknowledging my role and responsibility for making this change. Marisa SchaefferRacism has no place in our society...it never did.
Marcy FroehlichI believe in equality, and opportunity that has no limits of any kind.Emily SchindlerIt is important to me, as a white ally, that I take every opportunity to offer my voice in support of black people in my community and beyond.
Nathan GarciaI believe that by making an active effort to be against anti-black racism is a challenge. By taking this pledge I commit to that challenge how ever difficult it may be. Sometimes the effort will easy and in other situations it may be difficult. It is important to stand in opposition against anti-black racism at all times.Caleb SchlaupitzThe first step in implementing change is to acknowledge the systemic inequities that black people have been experiencing for decades. In doing this we can then take responsibility for this pervasive issue and play our parts in improving upon it. That is something I will always be passionate about.
Olivia Garcia I believe it will help to bring awareness and will help to address injustice, racism and inequality. I want my colleagues to feel supported and respected. Margaret SchneiderI want to be part of the solution
Reginald GardnerWhile I hope that my efforts across campus promote a more safe, inclusive, and empowering environment for all graduate students, I want to be very clear in my dedication to the success of black folks affiliated with the university in any way. (well beyond my constituents) Further, I want this to help students that don't know what they can do, to serve as a catalyst for conversation and action. “You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great." - Les BrownEric SchwartzI believe we should strive to make our society, specifically publicly-funded institutions, a place where everyone feels their presence and contributions are welcome.
Jordan GarnerRacism against Black, Indigenous, and other people of color is everywhere - not just in acts of prejudice between individuals, as systemic racism clearly exists as well. Yet, every day I hear people who are far too skeptical of organizations that seek to educate the public on these matters; more than ever before, people are embracing echo chambers and conspiracy theories rather than unity, consensus, and democracy. Those of us privileged enough to read the science on social injustice have a moral responsibility to spread the truth: To help everyone use their minds and better nature to restructure our society to be as just, free, and democratic as possible.Nina Scolnik Personal accountability is where this work begins. If we are committed to creating transformational change on this campus, we must be willing to look deep into ourselves to interrogate our privilege and how it impacts the larger and smaller communities in which we live.
Elijah GeronimoIn this country, Black Americans have been mistreated by authorities, and that applies not just on a federal level, but on a local one, too. I am taking the pledge to denounce all racism and to support Black Lives!!Shruti ScottBecause racism is real, even within healthcare and we must be proactive in recognizing its existence and providing the best care to all patients.
David GibbonsWhile I was raised by very accepting parents and did not experience racism in my school or community growing up, I have realized that there exist many stereotypes and roles in media, as well as negative messaging from figures of authority that have affected me none-the-less in how I grew up to view the world and its people. Steven SeyedinBecause everyone should have the same wonderful experience of working at UCI and feel a part of the UCI family regardless of race.
Nicole GilbertsonThe pledge is important to me because I want students, faculty, staff, and visitors to UCI to know that we explicitly welcome and support Black learners, researchers, and educators to thrive at our campus. Given American academic institutions' legacy of exclusion, it is important that all members of our community pledge to advance equity through words and actions to increase the diversity of our campus community.Tim ShawI want to move beyond supporting diversity and inclusion and be a strong, consistent voice and actor against anti-Black racism.
Mary GillyEveryone needs to be committed to combatting racism so that black people can thrive.Amy ShineWe're stronger, better, more successful when we're ALL able to confidently collaborate, knowing we'll be respected.
Laura GoldI am continually outraged and astonished by the overt and convert racism that saturates this country. Enough is enough!Daniel SiakelA pledge or vow constitutes, not only a public declaration, but also an inner intensification, of the virtues that one values at both micro- and macroscopic scales. Renewing one's commitment to the intrinsic values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, moreover, occasions a renewal of oneself, a renewal of the inspiration to once again question one's behavior so that one can live in accordance with the values that all-too-often manifest primarily as abstract ideals, rather than concrete calls-to-action.
Briney Gomez-LopezTaking this pledge is important to me because I want to see Black people thrive at UCI and anywhere else in this world!Eli SimonNothing matters more than supporting Black students, staff and faculty and doing everything we can to improve the academy for them.
Amanda GonzalesI want to better understand how I can be more aware and help fight injustice on campus and beyond.John SissonWe need to work on this across all the institutions in our lives. Recognition is important.
Andrea GonzalezA truly anti-racist future at UCI can not be achieved without acknowledgment of the past that has made the present unsustainable and inequitable. Jaymi SmithBecause it is important for us to acknowledge the full humanity of all people. Because we all need to do the work to break the mechanisms of systemic biases. Because I deeply care for all my students and for all my colleagues. Because in order for the university as a whole to thrive, we require diverse thought and cultures.
Hannah GorbackI know from my own experience how much mental and emotional labor goes into simply existing as an "othered" person, let alone learning, working, and thriving in an environment that is built to hinder and erase the success of certain groups. I am taking this pledge because I am simply not interested in an academic future that doesn't include equity and reparation for the centuries of academic "progress" achieved at immeasurable cost to the Black community. Kaitlyn SmithEducating ourselves is the first step towards experiencing empathy and respect, which I believe are necessary at the most basic levels of human interaction. I hope that by educating myself I may spread that belief to others, as well as use this knowledge to celebrate the many accomplishments and innovations Black people have contributed to the world.
Melinda GormleyI have studied scientific racism and eugenics as a historian of science and taught scientific integrity and research ethics courses. I try to find positive role models who can be discussed, rather than dwell on atrocities of the past. I am too familiar with the long history of systemic racism to be a bystander and I want to be part of the solutions. Isabelle SoiferI want BIPOC at UCI to be and feel safe and not have to fear police violence, micro and macro aggressions, or any other forms of physical or mental harm. I hope that with this pledge will come the destruction of the police system at UCI that serves to oppress BIPOC.
Juliana GoswickTo recognize history and move our country forward to create a positive futureKnut SolnaTo confront racism is to promote basic human rights and important to help build a civilized society. The many recent and painful anti-Black racism events underscore the importance of being proactive and build an inclusive society.
Mehraeel GoudaI want UCI to be a peaceful and loving place where Black individuals wouldn’t have to face discrimination and racism on the daily.Pat SommerIt's the right thing to do. Acknowledgement of the four tenets of the pledge is a necessary and first step to creating a thriving culture for Black people.
Gabriel GouldPeople should be treated well.Karissa SorensonTaking this pledge is important to me because I want to be a part of the discussion, the solution, the change needed to build a thriving culture for Black people.
Jan GreenBecause our black brothers and sisters in our human family deserve this acknowledgment and support.Cascade SorteI understand more and more why failing to take anti-racist action is complicit with a racist society and can, therefore, be considered racist. Only by doing the work to become anti-racist can I contribute to solving this deeply entrenched problem of anti-Black racism.
Michael GreenIt's important to ensure that UCI provides a comfortable and equitable environment for our Black students, faculty, and staff.Paola SoteloBecause it's crazy to believe that racism against our black brothers and sisters is still happening. My heart hurts and breaks for them. It's time to create change and rise together stronger than ever before.
Raiven GreenbergIt is important to recognize how anti-blackness has been institutionalized in our society, and how macro- and micro-aggressions based on race are still an issue. By recognizing this, taking a deep look at our institutions, and our own behavior, we can only then start to make changes that can help our Black community, and community as a whole, thrive.Shiri SpitzI want to link my success with the success of my Black peers (I believe Vice Chancellor Haynes used that phrase in a town hall this summer and that really resonated with me).
Kevin GreifDiversity and inclusion are necessary for any institution to thrive, especially one that relies on the free and open exchange of ideas.Anna Lynn SpitzerIt time to acknowledge systemic racism and do whatever we can to eliminate it.
Lorna Griffitt It's the least we can do to try to build a more equitable culture.Michael StamosTo achieve the greatness we aspire to, we MUST confront the issues around racism that exist on our campus. That starts with listening better than in the past, and with asking the right questions of ourselves and our colleagues.
Donna GrochowIt wasn't until this year that I realized how much racism still existed in America. I truly believed we had progressed much more than we had and I was stunned at what I have learned this year. I always prided myself on being inclusive and not being a racist, but never thought about microaggression, white fragility, or the daily fear many black people live with simply because of the color of their skin. I am so embarrassed and saddened that I was so ill informed and that I did not see or acknowledge this before now.Sarah SteeleCreating a more just society starts with recognizing the inequities currently present
Daniel M. GrossExplicit acknowledgment of this issue is important. I say that as a parent who has a couple of biracial children in the IUSD, which has never acknowledged anti-black racism at the district level on down through its major institutions. All we got was one initial bland statement about how IUSD has always been diverse + follow-up material about wellness. UCI is doing very well by contrast! IUSD should pay more attention to us in this regard.Constance SteinkuehlerAs a white woman from the midwest, raised by German immigrant farmers, I was told a family narrative of hard work and perseverance. I am proud to be the first generation in my family to go to college. But only now do I realize that I was given advantages that others did not and do not get. I have a lot to learn about racial justice and equity, and there is no time like the present to get to it. I'm grateful to UCI for providing pathways for us to do the hard work of understanding and then fixing our structural racism in the US.
Evin GroundwaterBecause every Black student deserves to be seen as a person, to be supported as a student, and to be encouraged in their dreams and endeavors as a member of our society.Judith Stepan-NorrisHistorically, we have allowed overt biases as well as systemic/institutional racism to impact the outcomes for various groups on campus. Black faculty, staff and students have suffered from unequal treatment as well as an unwelcoming climates. Now is the time to recognize, address, and eliminate these affronts.
Leonid GroysmanTo confront racism and social injustice Diana StephensIt is important to me to be a member of an inclusive and diverse work place.
Rossella GuevaraThe amount of anti-Black racism we have seen is unfortunately not new. We need to come together to dismantle these systems of oppression and make sure that our institutions are not contributing to systemic racism. I stand with my Black peers and want to ensure that change is done so that they can have the same opportunities to thrive without the fear of excessive police brutality, microaggressions, anti-Black sentiment, etc. Megan StoryI want all members of the UCI community to feel supported and to have the opportunities I have.
Megan GuilfoyleI think it's so important for us to acknowledge the hidden and overt racism that still exists. If we don't unitedly stand up to racism, change will not be achieved. Anna Strasburg-DavisI want our country to live up to its claims of Justice for All made time and again since the founding through today. So far it is just words--I hope to see true justice in my lifetime.
Betty GuthrieIt's important to me because I believe deeply that racism affects all of us, whatever "racial" group we identify with. The injustice experienced by African Americans, Indigenous Americans, Muslim Americans, and other people of color makes our country, our communities, and our individual lives poorer. I want to be part of a society that values and actively seeks to dignify every human being.Ian StraughnThis pledge serves as a small step towards acknowledging the contributions of Black Americans and black people worldwide who have so often been marginalized from history and participation in our contemporary society. UCI should be a place that welcomes all members of our community to share in the production and dissemination of knowledge equally, without bias or prejudice one the basis of race (among many other crucial categories of difference).
Rafaela Mercy GutierrezAll humans bleed the same color. No one is perfect, but we all can make a positive change. Natasha StraussTaking this pledge is important to me because anti-Black racism negatively impacts every one of us. The first step to ensuring that there is a better future is acknowledging what is wrong today and addressing those head on. I'm proud that I am apart of organization, as a current staff member and as an alumna, that is taking steps to address anti-blackness in our community.
Sofia GutierrezI'm taking this pledge as a Mexican American for I personally have benefited from the life threatening efforts of African Americans to be acknowledged, and as a child of immigrant parents and as an English Language Learner who have been a target of micro and macro aggressions at school and at work, I stand in solidarity with the hope of Building A Culture Where Black People Thrive, for together we all thrive!Randy StynerAn inclusive environment is critical to achiving a world-class campus.
Lynda HaasBe the change you want to see. For too long, we as a society have refused to acknowledge, understand, recognize, and confront the systemic racism that gives unearned advantages and disadvantages based on skin color.Alex SutherlandAnti-blackness is an important issue that I want UCI to take seriously. Participating in this pledge is a small step towards making sure UCI knows this is an important issue for everyone, but especially for grad students.
Fadia HaddadI believe in human equality and oneness, we are all one which means we have the same essence of the divine in us. Every race is a color of a beautiful rainbow of humanity. God created all of us equal and to his image. We need to move above and beyond racism in order to have peace on earth. I dream of universal peace when every human being can prosper and feel safe loved and appreciated. Amanda SwainReal change only comes when we collectively, institutionally and publicly confront anti-Blackness racism.
Nicole HadleyAnother context that holds me accountable in taking action for social equality. As a Certified Child Life Specialist and future Marriage and Family Therapist acknowledging anti-Black racism is one context of an intersectionality my work with clients and patients but more importantly in my relationships with others. Labiba SyeedNo one deserves to be treated differently. It does not matter what we look like, our personal heritage, our backgrounds, our hair, our skin--whatever it is, that should not be the sole basis for any division. Division creates adversity, but humanity has never been successful in the presence of suffering; thus, when we unite, lift each other up, nurture a positive environment, and support one another, we achieve so much more. Our Black brothers and sisters deserve to be treated with respect, with dignity, as we would for anybody else. We all are humans at the end of the day: existing because of the biology within us, the science surrounding us, the creatures living amongst us. When a small or large misconception crawls into our minds, and we do not actively work to eliminate such negative thoughts, even though it is not verbally or physically hurting an individual's feelings, our unconscious actions and behaviors can reflect that misconception. Thus, adding to the already vast existence of racism, specifically anti-Black racism. It is crucial for us to do our part, educate ourselves, be willing to learn from our mistakes, and help one another to reduce and ultimately end this prejudice. I am not Black, nor will I ever truly understand, feel, endure what my Black brothers and sisters go through, but I wish to stand up for them. I hope by taking this pledge, learning more, and spreading positive messages, I do a small act of my own, so the Black community can thrive wherever they may be. We are humans. We should not bring each other down. We humans rise together. If in this message I have stated anything hurtful, wrongful, or offensive--that is not my intention--I sincerely apologize. Please let me know of any wrongdoings. Thank you. I
Mike HallinanAs a member of the UCI Police Department there has been no greater time in policing to connect to the community in which we serve. Acknowledging racism exists and working towards its elimination is paramount. I along with all UCI Police employees are collectively committed to nurturing collaborative partnerships with individuals, groups, and our campus partners. This overall philosophy is reflected in service to and inclusion of all segments of our campus community.Celia SymonsTaking this pledge is important to me because the scientific community to which I belong has a long history of racial inequality. We are in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement and global protests, and it is time to make the changes called for by the Black community. Efforts to promote diversity and build inclusiveness in academia, while a core value, are far from complete. In order to truly achieve the ultimate aim of dismantling racism in science, we must first face the uncomfortable truth of our complicity. We must listen to our Black colleagues and students, and educate ourselves to develop a better understanding of the practices, traditions, and biases that have fueled behaviors that perpetuate racial inequality. This pledge is one of the first steps to acknowledging complicity in practices that reinforce white supremacy and committing to the work of combatting implicit bias and explicit racism against Black people.
Rhonda HalversonI want to live in a world where everyone, no matter our differences of race, ethnicity, sexuality or anything else, is treated the same and treated with respect. Every person should be seen as a human being, first and foremost.Homaira TahmassI am an Afghan Muslim female and have faced the harsh reality of racisms directed towards me and my family. I stand with my black brothers and sisters and will fight with them because their fight is mines too. If it’s not then, it’ll be be. If it’s not us, it’ll be someone else. Oppression is a game of dominoes, it’s only a matter of time before you’re knocked down. Acting like the problem isn’t there doesn’t mean it’s not coming your way.
Naz HamidThe culture of anti-Blackness and bias needs to be acknowledged and tackled. I’m pledging to check myself and to raise awareness. Homaira TahmassNo longer will we tolerate racism and the evil that comes with it.
Barbara HamrickBecause it is long past time we recognize and work to correct the anti-Black racism that still exists in this society, and is now being exacerbated by the current president of the United States. We need to examine the details of this anti-Black racism in all its manifestations - the workplace, policing, the courts, healthcare, housing, and education. White people need to reflect upon their own privilege, acknowledge its existence, and reject it in all its forms.Shauhin TaleshWe must attempt to root out racism and inequality in our society. Confronting anti-blackness in educational institutions is a step in that direction. I am hopeful that we can all do our part to improve society.
Beatrice HanAs a leader with 30+ staff under me, I would like to encourage staff and my colleagues to understand the importance of making a difference and taking the pledge and continue conversations that may be uncomfortable but important. When I first signed the pledge, I chose to be anonymous but I would like to change it to be public. Sora TanjasiriRecognizing structural racism is the first step to combatting anti-Blackness in the US.
Grace HanI recognize my own unconscious biases and want to confront them in order to make a more inclusive and equitable workplace and living community for people of all races and ethnicities.Elaine TannouzAn an immigrant myself, we dream of United States of America as home of equal opportunities to everyone despite their color, ethnicity, or origin. I wish for my fellow African Americans as I wish for myself.
Jaesu HanSilence sends the message that injustice like this is not a big deal, that it is acceptable. We as a society have to stand up and be counted if we want things to change. Catherine TaosuvannaInclusivity is important in building an environment where everyone can thrive, particularly those who the system has been built to bring down.
Dylan HanamiAnti-black racism has negatively affected too many lives. Black lives matter.Michael TawneyIt's been long enough - and it's the right thing to do. Period.
Janice HansenI want students to know that I recognize and am actively working to root out the bias I have been raised to normalize as a member of the majority culture. And, I want to step out of the way so that voices too long suppressed are able to be heard. Finally, I want to celebrate with my Black students and colleagues the unique contributions they make to our community and across the globe.Darryl TaylorI support the intentional and proactive addressing of correcting the inequities rendered by anti-blackness
Matthew HansonAs Director of New Ventures at UCI's Beall Applied Innovation, we are committed to active, intentional outreach and engagement with all under-represented groups, supporting their journey towards their unique American Dream.Lisa TaylorSo many things come to mind. Black people deserve to be in spaces that recognize and appreciate who they are as individuals and the value they bring to every community. The emotional labor that is exerted in order to neutralize the 'threat' that personal, professional, and public spaces view them as is completely unacceptable. I have witnessed micro- and macro- aggressions towards minority groups, and being complacent with systems that create this disadvantage for black people is shameful. They deserve better. They deserve more. We, as a community and society, will never reach our fullest potential if our system is set up for those to fail before they even try. I absolutely want to be part of the solution and not the problem, and I can only be that by helping with the work that needs to be done. This includes introspection and having difficult conversations with those who are unaware, or aware, of what needs to be done.
Marina Hara MantosAmerica has been built on the backs of black and brown people who were kidnapped, colonized, and dehumanized. Higher education itself has been built on the systemic oppression of black individuals and continues to perpetuate the harm and trauma on these individuals. Taking this pledge is one step in deconstructing systems of oppression and hate to uplift the voice and stories of those who have been around since our founding and create a better place for their linages and legacies. Andrea Tenner Everyone deserves respect, and it is respect for who they are in all aspects. This is a moral imperative, that will enrich all our lives. In addition, the entire world will benefit if all talent is considered and utilized.
Amanda HarrisI feel very strongly that we must attack systemic racism from all angles. All systems should be evaluated with fresh set of eyes, careful to convey a strong message of inclusion. P TerrellI have black family members and an American Indian Heritage. I spend vacations teaching in Africa. I teach because there is a need. Women in all walks of life need support, too. Please do NOT include me in any email lists. I receive too, too many emails from UCI academic programs. Please do not give my name/email to special interest organizations.
Hope HartBecause my children’s lives depend on itJennifer TerryBecause this country was built on the backs of Black people and they have been responsible for some of our greatest achievements, including saving democracy again and again despite the fact that they are constantly marginalized, undermined, and subjected to violence by the dominant structures and institutions of our nation.
Kimberley HarvieBecause Black lives matter and it is time we stop making Black people have to explain that to white people like me.Georgana ThompsonHumanity cannot survive racism. Anti-Black racism has to end which will help end other forms of racism and oppression.
Brandon Haskey-ValeriusTruly creating an environment where Black students, faculty, and staff are supported and equal means I must examine my relationship to anti-Blackness. I am dedicated to doing the work, learning, and being better.Leslie Thompsoni don't think i fully appreciated some of the more subtle and unconscious aspects of bias and micro-aggressions and from following the Black Lives Matter movement have become committed to doing my part
Maryam HassaniWe live in a diverse world and as a minority myself, I would not want any other under represented group including people of color feel isolated. I feel them and I want to make life easier for them as far as I canGregory TimberlakeThis is long overdue. As a person who identifies as White, I do not encounter negative effects from bias, prejudice and bigotry. We all need to work together so everyone is treated with respect and grace. As my mother told me years ago, never judge a book by it's cover.
Christa HatchMy father is black and has dealt with racism throughout his life, even being chased by the KKK in his youth. My cousins are also black and endure much more racism than I do due to my colorism privilege. It's important for me to recognize my privilege as a lighter skinned person of color and use my privilege to help build a better community for black people and other people of color.Heidi TinsmanWhen I arrived at UCI 23 years ago, UCI was a difficult place for Black faculty and students, and it still is today. It is important to be proactive in examining our relationships to structural anti-Blackness and I very much welcome the focus on "anti-Blackness" as a distinct form of racism with its own particular history. This is an important moment to make changes at all levels of the university and in all forms of intellectual work.
John HauscarriagueThe pledge is a way for me to express my support for the work needed to rectify the injustices endured by Black people. George TitaA significant portion of professional career has been dedicated to reducing gun violence in highly impacted communities - communities that are disproportionately comprised of African American residents. I realize that I must work harder to understand the role that anti-Black racism plays in perpetuating violence in these marginalized communities. This also goes for my teaching and mentoring at UCI - I must be better at addressing these topics in the classroom and in interacting with Black graduate students.
Douglas HaynesBecause being black, is not illegal.Doug TobiasThis pledge affirms my continuing efforts to dismantle anti-Black racism on our campus and within the broader community.
Michele HaynesAs a person who holds direct responsibility for attracting and recruiting new staff members, and ensuring that the recruitment process is the most productive, respectful, and bias-free possible, I gladly pledge to support this culture change.Andrew TonkovichProud of our UCI institutional, administrative effort. Grateful for the invitation, and this opportunity to pledge and, yes, demonstrate solidarity. Thank you for leading our community, our County, our UC system in efforts supporting everyday individual and collective efforts to address --- and destroy --- anti-Black racism through organizing and education.
Andrea Helfer YothersI want to make our work culture more welcoming to my black friends. As an admissions counselor, I also want to be able to strongly advocate for UCI as a place where black undergraduate students are welcome and thrive.Sydney TorresThis pledge is important to me as a social justice educator. The liberation and equitable treatment of the black community is tied to us all. It is important for me to stand up against anti-black racism and make sue I am actively working towards being a better person and ally.
Carrie HempelI pledge to be part of this essential effort to create a better world, one step at a time.Aaron TrammellAs Black faculty I think that acknowledging the persistence of anti-Black racism in our institution is crucial to developing a welcoming environment for myself and the students I teach and mentor.
Katie HenkelI care about black students, staff, and faculty at UCI, and black individuals in this country and the world who experience discrimination both at the micro and macro level that absolutely no one deserves. I believe fairness should be a tenet of our interpersonal treatment of others, and a tenet of the systemic treatment of us all. I care deeply about amending any of my own behaviors that may in any way contribute to this discrimination. Karen Tran-Harding MdI noticed that there are not a lot of black staff and residents at UCI Medical Center. It was a little bit alarming coming to UCI after my medical training in a deep red state where there were more black staff, residents, and medical students. We need to change that!
June HermanI wanted to take the pledge to contribute my voice in the effort to confront racism and bias. It seems a small gesture but I strive to do all I can to promote a culture of acceptance and inclusivity where we all can thrive. Christina TrebleI hope that by taking this pledge, my Black community members will feel seen and valued, because you are! To me taking this pledge signifies that I am motivated to make changes to myself, to UCI, and to this country to pursue an end to anti-Blackness.
Xavier HernandezBecause UCI has the knowledge and resources to be a leader in the conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We must be proactive in promoting these principles as an essential aspect of our professional and academic endeavors. We can no longer be reactive; such thinking reinforces a deficit thinking model of diverse populations and identities. Diversity must not be pigeonholed to times of crisis. Diversity, equity, and inclusion enable us to thrive at all times.Tim TrevanSimply put, I want to be a part of real progress, solutions and healing that have been needed for a very, very long time.
Julie HerrickBecause we have a long way to go in rooting out anti-black racismAlina TuToo many injustices for too long. Action starts today, action starts with me.
Melenn HerveAs a white person, it is my job to dismantle systems of white supremacy which exist everywhere in formal/institutional and social settings. Acknowledgement and commitment to anti-racism on behalf of all white identities is crucial in achieving racial, social, economic, and environmental justice.Laura TuckerI want to be part of an active campus community that is working to create a safe, equitable, inclusive, and comfortable environment in which Black students, faculty, staff, and other members thrive.
Melenn HerveAs a white person, it is my job to reject the white-supremisist and anti-black rhetoric/systems/culture in the United States and around the world. I must unlearn and be actively anti-racist everyday. I must do this in order to bring about a better, more equitable, world Cheryl TurriseHate and division in this nation needs to end NOW! Are we UNITED or what?!?
Lucas HilderbrandI want to be an ally but also accountable for my own privilege and contributions to structures of power.Vivian UThe whole #BlackLivesMatter movement have opened my eyes to social injustice in our society as well as in our academic community, and it cannot be unseen. Beyond the initiatives taken during the summer, I want to keep supporting our Black colleagues and keep the movement's momentum going. Only when racial equity is achieved when our community, and our society as a whole, can truly move forward.
Andrew HillIt is important for me just to support this important work being done at UCI. From my perspective as a long-time employee and former student, I have seen the climate regarding race at UCI improve over the years, but not much. I don't think the needle of progress will move much on its own and it is time to start pushing.Lauren Urbanto confront anti-Blackness to build a thriving culture for Black people
Donald HillBecause BLACK LIVES MATTER!Lauren UrbanI am taking this pledge to show my commitment to fighting systemic racism in our society and standing up for justice and equality for BIPOC.
Joanna HoI support this imperative initiative in our multi-cultural society. Although this has been my view, I want to explicitly state my commitment to inclusive excellence. Mia UsuiI believe that every individual should be allowed the same throughout; whether that be in education, with jobs, or with life in general. Everyone should be treated with the same respect and should be treated equally.
Diana HoangBecause the only way to move forward towards a more equitable world for EVERYONE to recognize the injustices that are happening in the world today, especially the injustices and mistreatments that Black people go through every day. Because this pledge holds me accountable to continue to educate myself and others around me about the bias, prejudice, bigotry that Black people endure and to become a better ally than I was the day before. Jennifer ValerinBecause no one should feel ashamed to live in their skin.
Mariko HorieI want to honor my sons' heritage.Christi Van BuskirkBecause no one should be treated differently just because the color of their skin
Rosanna HortonI had the good fortune to grow up in San Francisco and saw the positive changes when supporting black communities and want to support our UCI black communities in anyway I can. I pledge to always be open to learn more and be of service for our black communities.Charlotte Van DyckThe vast amount of ignorance and sheer denial I see in so many US citizens regarding anti-Blackness an Black-aimed violence is abhorrent. I do not want my future children, or any future generations, to live in a society so full of hate that not every child grows up with proper nourishment, nurturing, and opportunity, being judged only on the color of the skin and not the unique humanity housed within their bodies.
Keri Hurley-KimI have benefitted from white privilege my whole life, and I see more and more the profound effect it has on my life. Our opportunities are so often defined more by the family and the skin we are born into than anything else, and there is no excuse for that. I did not choose to be born white, but I can choose to recognize systemic racism, and do my part to promote equity. Elizabeth Van EsWe need to develop an inclusive environment supportive of diverse faculty.
Keri Hurley-KimI recognize that I have benefitted greatly from my white privilege. I feel it is important to be part of the work of naming the effects of historic prejudice and injustice, as well as ending these things for future generations.Hope VangAntiblackness is integrated in Asian American communities because of systemic racism implemented in much of the US's history. I strongly believe in changing this mindset and bias against black people, and I hope to make it known that much of the Asian American experience directly correlates to the experience of black Americans, so we should stand united.
Shannon IngramI believe the time has come to acknowledge white privilege and the very real existence of anti-Black racism. I am really proud of our School of Biological Sciences announcing Professor Michael Yassa as the first Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Taking this pledge is incredibly meaningful to me now and for the rest of my life...Andrea VaronBlack voices matter, this pledge serves as a reminder that my experience is different and cannot be compared. It is only through their voice and experience can we then learn to be better ally's and grow as a community.
Sharrissa IqbalThis pledge is meaningful because of where our country stands today. It is crucial to situate ourselves at a turning point towards greater understandings of anti-blackness in our culture and to acknowledge the need to help Black culture thrive in our community. Gabriela VasquezTaking this pledge is important to me because in order to have a thriving community, we need to hold ourselves accountable. This pledge is a great place to start with accountability. As someone who believes in treating others with kindness and respect there is no excuse to not take this pledge.
Autumn IvyIt is time for us as a UCI community to recognize that in order to live up to being named "doing the most for the American Dream," (NYT College Access Index) we must ensure we confront historical structures and mindsets in academia that perpetuate inequality. This starts with Black Thriving!Vijay VaziraniFor fairness and because it is the right thing to do!
Susanne JaeggiIt's necessary and the right thing to do.David VazquezCreating an inclusive and diverse anti-black racism culture, especially in Education, creates a meaningful and impactful change in society.
Krithika JagannathThe world that I dream of for tomorrow's youth has got to to be a better one than the world we're in today - one where everyone is accepted and where differences in the colors of our skin, eyes, and hair; our race and cultural backgrounds; age and personality unite us even more. As a woman of color, I know that no other race has possibly been hurt as deeply as my black friends for generations and sadly, in the strange times we're living in today. Taking this serious pledge is critical to me for two reasons. First, I want to educate myself on how I might foster a culture where Black people will thrive and second, I am tired of the idea that things will be okay if I do my part and someone (else) will fix the problem at large... clearly, there's more that I can do to make the world more accessible, diverse, equitable, and inclusive. David VazquezCreating an inclusive and diverse environment for combating anti-black racism, especially in Education, is an important aspect of making impactful and continual change in our society.
Anthony JamesHonoring the heritage of my family, all of whom are committed to social justice.Joel VeenstraWe have gone too long not recognizing the inequity and injustices that exist for black people in our community. It is essential that we each individually commit daily to raising awareness of these issues in order to make the necessary change for our entire community to thrive!
Joann JamoraIt is not right that anyone should be discriminated against just for the way they look. I have experienced this to a degree myself as an Asian-American. We all know that discrimination can turns its focus onto a new group in an instant with just one bad event or one wrong leader. Whatever the reason, it is wrong. No one should have to live in fear for the way they look or who they love. Clearly, actions of the past are so ingrained in the minds of folks and many have expressed their prejudices to the next generations. We need to educate and give sensitivity and cultural training so that future generations understand how alike we all really are. I realize we are all dealt different hands in life, but everyone should have the same opportunities and civil liberties regardless of their skin color.Praveen VeerasubramanianBecause it is the right thing to do! We, as a society, can do better to promote equality and fight bigotry at all levels.
Bridgette JeffcoatThe pledge is such a small piece to show support. When faced with something similar, I wanted to know that others were aligned with me, supporting me. Charles VegaI take this pledge to help create a better culture that helps Black people thrive.
Robin JeffersRacism has always been here but for several years now the demonstration of intolerance and bigotry are no longer things whispered among very close friends; people are emboldened and willing to say/act what they feel. I believe that when parents send their kids to UCI, it is with the hope that they will be safe, nurtured and protected while in pursuit of their academic goals. I think that it is my personal responsibility to ensure that we live up to their expectation not just for the students but for other staff and faculty, as well. I am my brother's/sister's keeper.Vasan Venugopalan“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” – Mahatma Gandhi "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." -Desmond Tutu "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” — Dr Martin Luther King Jr
Emily Jenfor a better future. To be the change we want to see in the world. Gretchen VerdugoI want to see the elimination of Anti-Black racism and all of its attendant effects on the soul of our Nation and the Workd, our humanity, our economy and individuals.
Jade JenkinsI want to make UCI a better place for all of our community members and want to continue to learn and be the best advocate I can b.Linda VickersTaking this pledge is important to me because I am a Black person who whishes to help others in understanding diversities and applying them with love and understanding
Amy JohnsonI am white; my husband is black; and we have a biracial adult son. We are always mindful of our actions especially in public where others perceptions are involved. We often can't be our true selves when others are around because they may form the wrong idea. Our current culture limits are true selves. Jacob VillaIt is extremely important that all people recognize the prejudice and racism that Black people face on a daily basis with every aspect of their lives.
Emma JohnstonWe all must work diligently to dismantle systems of oppression that permeate our spaces. We must be actively anti-racist in order to make progress toward a more just and equitable society. Magdalena VillalbaAny reputable university must do everything in its power to ensure that all students, faculty, staff, and alumni thrive in their education and their future. Part of that is entails acknowledging that black individuals have been historically under supported in university settings and actively working to remedy this inequality.
Kathryn JonesEveryone deserves a chance to learn and thrive without having to face racial stigmas and biases. Trung VuRacism whatsoever has no place in our society!
Lisa JonesI would like to take a public stance in supporting black faculty, staff and students at UCI. I believe this initiative is very important if we are to move forward and become more inclusive at UCI. Raj VyasBecause it’s obvious (not political) that Black Lives Matter. Because all peoples are inherently equally capable, deserving of love, and ready to flourish when justly supported. Because of centuries of slavery never properly acknowledged nor justly rectified. Because it’s the least I/we can do.
Erika JordanThe UCI community is strong and ensuring that Black faculty, staff and students are represented, supported and feel safe is an important step in the university's dedication to be an inclusive campus. I think its important to strengthen our investment in the Black students at UCI who fall below our university's retention rates and engagement--and this pledge is a way forward. Heidi WaiteThough I can’t claim to understand the hurt and pain the Black community has endured for generations, I am saddened, disturbed, and angered at the racism, violence, and police brutality against Black people in the US. I feel ashamed to say that I did not take enough notice and did not commit enough time to learning about racial issues in America until this year. It's time to change that. As a researcher, educator, and Latina voter, I stand in solidarity with those protesting around the world. I condemn systemic racism and white supremacy. I will not tolerate racism in any form in my personal or academic life. I am committed to helping dismantle racism and being an ally to the Black community.
Pavan KadandaleCreating an inclusive and equitable society starts with each of us! We all bear responsibility and the first step in solving any problem is acknowledging that it exists.Briandy WaldenUCI must confront our own campus culture short-comings and implement ways in which we can and will confront anti-Black racism through actions and not just words.
Kam Kalantar-ZadehThis is an important initiative to ensure that UCI communities are all teamed up against racism in general and racism in medicine and public health in particular, including formuals that assess and/or treat patients based on race such as Black race index in eGFR (kidney function unit) equations. We are proud that UCI Health and UCI COHS have spearheaded this and other important efforts to this end. Lauren WalengaChange begins from within; within ourselves, within an organization, within a campus. I want to do what I can to create a better environment for my BIPOC colleagues.
Natasha KaliskiAs a multicultural student (who is not black), I also understand from a different perspective others may not see and have always empathize with the suffering and systemic racism implemented in this American society to keep black peoplw from thr same opportunities as everyone else. I also have a black son and I am in a historically black sorority Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. And we believe in promoting racial and ethnic equality, one of the main reasons I joined the organization. This is especially important at UCI where the black population is limited so students may think its not their problem but this is everyone's problem and none of us should be silent!Mark WalterWe cannot continue to pretend that we live in a land of opportunity where anyone with the will to succeed has the opportunity to succeed.
Jelger KalmijnUC continues to perpetuate de facto inequality by having almost no African American faculty, students or staff. We all need to do everything we can to change that. I'll do whatever I can in my position.Joshua WangWe need to eliminate anti-blackness in this society, and it starts where we are.
Laura KangUCI needs to create an environment where African American students, faculty and staff members feel valued so that they can thrive and excel. This requires that the existence of anti-Black racism at UCI and throughout the U.S. and the world is not merely acknowledged but actively interrogated, critiqued and dismantled.Darren WarnerAccess to thrive in educational institutions is a basic human right.
Katherine KarayianisI am taking this pledge because I believe it is important to end anti-Black racism in the United States and creating a safe environment for Black individuals to achieve their highest potential. I am committed to doing my part in ending prejudice against Black individuals, starting on UCI's campus, where I am located currently. I hope that by making this commitment, the UCI community can become a space where Black individuals feel safe to be themselves, are appreciated for their unique identity, and foster an environment that has open communication about privilege and what it means to be Black. Nancy WatanabeI have been uneducated on the level and depth of racism in this country and am striving to change that. I am embarrassed to admit that I have been oblivious but have now had my blindfolds stripped away. I cannot stand what continues to happen and feel the need to be part of the solution.
Sarah KarkSystemic racism is widespread in the academy, causing deep harm to its black participants and pursuers. Anti-blackness damages all of our humanity and hinders scientific progress. I pledge to do my part to educate myself, confront my own implicit biases, and practice anti-racism in order to confront anti-blackness at UCI.Edward WatsonAnti-Blackness permeates all aspects of society, not just in education. It is important for us, regardless of background, to recognize and join the fight in its eradication.
Amandeep KaurTaking the pledge is important to me because this is the first necessary step in creating an equitable future for all at UCI.Suzi WeaverHigher education, especially at UCIrvine, and especially within the Humanities has proven to be deeply political, yet Black students, faculty, and staff continue to experience limitations caused by structural disadvantages and systematic racism. Understanding and recognizing anti-Blackness and ultimately taking affirmative steps towards eliminating this 'harmful disease' called anti-blackness from our campus.
Chloe KellerI stand for what is right and that is taking action to make sure people of color voices are heard and supported in our community. Libby WeberTaking. this pledge is important to me because our university cannot thrive unless all members of it are allowed to thrive. The Black Thriving Initiative, and this pledge as a small part of it, is an important first step in removing barriers for advancement for our Black students, faculty and staff.
Katelyn KellyI have chosen to continue my education and want to become a professor one day. That being said, I recognize how the community of higher academics that I'm aiming to become a part of has been built on anti-blackness. I believe for academia to be a radical space of knowledge production and pushing the boundaries of society, it must address its anti-black structure and change into a community of equity and emancipation. Michelle WeiTo remind myself to always actively be anti-racist, stand up and advocate for Black people when I see injustices happening, and help create spaces for minority communities
Jessica KelzUnderstanding and confronting anti-Blackness is critical to the University of California mission to benefit society through its graduates and the pledge addresses this through intentional engagement with knowledge. In order to acknowledge we must divulge and accept uncomfortable truths about the past and present; to understand we must listen and be mindful of the significance of our words, actions and inaction; to recognize we must validate feelings, experiences and efforts; to oppose anti-Blackness we must critically assess our roles and responsibilities as individuals and a society. Our sustained commitment to actively do our part is incumbent to achieve liberty, justice and a brilliant future for all. Together we Zot this.Vicky WeiBecause I am a part of the UCI and I want to contribute everything I can do.
Gregory KendallAnti-blackness is an obstacle to the betterment of society.Robin WeirichI want to live in a world where black lives matter to all, not just some. I also want to contribute toward true racial justice in this country & ending systems that are built with the sole purpose of dividing & oppressing our black brothers & sisters.
Pramod KhargonekarAnti-black racism is a persistent issue that must be addressed. I have been in several positions where I have made strong efforts to make progress against this pervasive problem in STEM education and research. Yet, I am chastened that progress seems to be so slow and incremental. So I must redouble my commitment to addressing this problem in my own sphere of work and influence.Gregory WeissSeeking equality.
David KilgoreI strongly believe in social justice and equity - following the words of MLK: no one is free until we all are free. Racquel Welch-KitchenThe anti-blackness I experienced as a student in the early 90s is the same anti-blackness my daughter is experiencing as a current UCI student. That said. it was the support of the Black community and allies at UCI that made it worth attending. Both my son and his best friend have applied to UCI. This new pledge could finally deliver on thriving learning experience for all Black students. We want Black students to feel like they matter and UCI knows it!
Ellie KimI want to promote a society where we are not judged for who we are, and one where we can all live without fear and hatred. Lari WenzelEvents of the past several years, with racial and discriminatory overtones and actions, are deeply troubling and are eroding our society. We all have a responsibility to address this and step up to this challenge.
Jinhyuk KimI have witnessed how anti-Black racism has affected my friends and colleagues and I cannot stand by and do nothing. The first step to addressing a problem in our society is to openly recognize that there is one. Without that recognition there is no moving forward and no moving on. Lindsay WhalenI want all people of all ethnicities and backgrounds, especially those who have been constantly targeted like the members of the Black community, to feel loved and accepted at UCI and beyond.
Soyun KimAnti-racism and Anti-blackness is important, because it aligns with my core value of promoting diversity and equity not only across university but also in our society.Janice WhiteMy son is half black and my stepson is black. both have been involved with scary/unjust situations. I'm taking his pledge to support social justice and promote self awareness of implicit bias. I believe this is the first step toward promoting a community of inclusion and diversity.
Sarah KimballAs a member of the queer community, I especially want to state that Black Trans Lives Matter. I hope that one day this statement is seen as a given, that everyone is worthy and deserves respect. I've experienced the negative impacts of our patriarchal, homophobic, and racist society, and I value the importance of taking a stand against anti-Black racism. Angeline WidjajaI believe that all people deserve the same opportunity regardless of their race.
Chloe KingThis institution should should a safe place for everyone. Beyond that, no voices should be repressed or under represented. Action has to be taken when injustices occur and I’m unwilling to participate in a white supremacist culture. We can do better.Warren WiechmannAs we train the next generation of physicians, we need to be deliberate in addressing anti-Black racism and its impact on not only the health and wellbeing of our Black community but also on the health and wellbeing of our Black healthcare colleagues
Christine KingIt is important to recognize the existence of anti-Black racism and micro and macro-aggressions, particularly as instructors and role models for students.Andrea WileyTo show I have made a commitment to preventing anti-black sentiment in anything I do or say. I also hope to show by example and find diplomatic ways to steer anti-black thinking in a better direction when the opportunities arise.
Stacey KingI'm committed to creating a new culture where anti-Black racism doesn't exist and making UCI a place where students, faculty and staff grow and succeed. Jennifer WilkensI am taking this pledge because it is important to take a stand against anti-Black racism and to acknowledge that conscious and unconscious biases exist. As an ally, I will educate myself and voice concerns about injustices I see in my personal and professional life. I will use my white privilege to reach out to people who might not be aware that anti-Black discrimination happens or to which extent, in this country and on our UCI campus.
David KirkbyBecause it is the right thing to do and I still have a lot to learn.Adrienne WilliamsI have benefited from systemic racism. It is time to stop accepting this and change the system.
Michael KleinmanI am committed to recognizing and countering any anti-Black racism in myself and also encourage more Black students to become involved in observing and improving environmental challenges in impacted communities. Nadya WilliamsAll colors, nationalities and races must be treated the same. Racism can be eradicated only if we all together stand up against it.
Emily KnauerAll humans deserve equal treatment. May WilsonI truly believe that every single employee who works for a higher education institution has a responsibility to contribute and create a culture that is inclusive to every single student. Higher education is typically the space where individuals discover themselves personality-wise, career-wise, goal-wise, etc. Employees in higher education should be ensuring that these individuals are able to focus on these discoveries without the hinderance of Anti-Blackness and overall Racism. Just like how the University dedicates resources to housing security, and food security, there needs to be more resources for inclusivity and more important - equity. Personally, I am taking this pledge because I want to take responsibility to create more resources and help the community grow.
Mike KnoxA world in which oppression of any kind exists is unacceptable to me. Anti-Blackness has been built into the foundation of this country since its inception and it is on all of us to do something about it. There is no such thing as neutrality. Being uninvolved almost certainly means being comfortable with the privilege we get from the status quo. Every Black person at UCI and around the world deserves to live free, authentically, and to achieve to their greatest potential and desire without the constant assault of anti-Black policy and practice that exists now. Wiley WilsonThis is to show that there is a clear problem within UCI and the UC system that has failed to be acknowledged and accounted for since UCI had first opened its doors. This also signifies that there are people looking towards S.M.A.R.T Solutions and Goals, hopefully in collaboration with Black Students, that will bring about change, better acceptance, assimilation, empathy, as well as friendships/bonds with other non-Black students, faculty, staff, administration, etc in UCI.
Murray KorcI have always believed in human rights, human dignity, mutual respect with all humans, and opportunity to develop and thrive for All Humanity. I have also believed that there is anti-Black racism and that this is a disgusting aspect of human nature, wherever it exists. Therefore, I am taking this pledge with great resolve to help rectify this situation.Canton WinerRacism has deep roots in U.S. society, and committing to confronting anti-Blackness is an extremely important element of addressing those roots.
Elizaveta KrasnovaThis pledge is important to me because I recognize my white privilege in society and want to use it to help work towards dismantling the unconscious and conscious racism that exists within the system. The fact that people of color are STILL being discriminated against and judged just based on their physical traits (rather than their personality traits and what makes a human, human) is really upsetting and not acceptable whatsoever. Dean WongInclusivity is an important role in ensuring the future is welcoming to all.
Christina Kraus Black lives matter. For centuries there has been systematic neglect of Black American's health and racism has become so pervasive in our culture that it somehow has been unrecognized and unaddressed. We need to acknowledge our truth and make major changes. The time to make changes is long overdue. Karna WongI pledge to advocate for social justice and to prioritize the needs of Black students, staff, and colleagues to thrive.
Anne KrieghoffI want to promote & support a culture of inclusiveness at UCI. Karna WongThis is a pledge of solidarity
Jenell KrishnanAs a developing anti-racist educator, it is my mission to connect with communities that can help me combat anti-Blackness and create spaces of learning where Black folks thrive.Kirsten WongThe state of our country reveals that there are not enough people actively confronting anti-blackness within themselves and the systems we live with. This pledge is the bare minimum to declare what I believe and what every human with a heart should believe. It is a reminder that we all need to put in the work every day.
Sina LabbafRacism is wrongNadia WongAs a person of color and mother of a black son, I want to help make this world better for everyone which means I have to learn about the obstacles society has created for the black community and evaluate my own privileges.
Lilli Labuen GillenOur youth is the future of our society. If we don't make the changes now, then we will lose all hope for a better tomorrow. We are only at the dawn of becoming anti-racist as a society. As a mother of bi-racial children, an aunt to a large amount of family who are people of color: Black, Asian, Indigenous, Latinx...this work is personal. I vow to do all I can and I am grateful to UCI for making this a priority and giving the community a chance to do it together. Samantha WongIt is important to me as much as it should be important to the rest of the university affiliates and the world. Black people should feel the same inclusivity, acceptance and receive support from the campus.
Frank LaferlaFor me, the pledge is about human dignity for all. As Dickens said, “mankind is everyone’s business.”Marcelo WoodI can think of nothing more important than ultimately arriving to a time and place when Black people and Black students no longer feel the destruction and weight of racism, that I learn how to be actively anti-racist, and that together we all experience a truly thriving culture for Black people here and across this world.
Jocelyn LaiIt means taking a stand to confront the inequity and racial discrimination prevalent in not just our society but including our inner circles (e.g., academic spaces in which these biases remain or are perpetuated).Amanda WortmanBecause it is up to all of us to confront anti-Blackness in our communities and to divest from white supremacy.
Leonora LawrenceAs a white woman, I have a responsibility to play my part in dismantling the white supremacist and patriarchal systems that continue to suppress Black people in society. Taking this pledge is one of myriad actions that should be taken to acknowledge and dismantle systemic racism and uplift Black voices and experiences in our communities. Alisa WrayWe have to improve, the status quo is unacceptable. Our community, our students, our physicians, our patients all deserve better. We must break the cycle.
James LearnedI was fortunate to be born into opportunity, and I want everyone to have as much opportunity as I did. To paraphrase Dr. King, people should be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.Morgan WrightWe need to build a community where there is total inclusion. Without this, there is no chance of growth.
Sheri LedbetterLifting others up helps everyone succeed. I want to lift this. We all need to lift this.Ginny WuAs someone who is not of African decent, I want to be able to show support to our black community. I also want to learn more about how I can help stand against anti-blackness in our community.
Bonnie LeeAcknowledgement is the first step to a solution.Judy WuWe need a more just society, and universities are such crucial places to offer intellectual tools to help make sense of the turmoil that we are experiencing. Furthermore, universities are where people of diverse backgrounds encounter one another, and the type of institution/community we create can either model possibilities or reinforce inequalities.
Jean LeeIt's important for all of us to acknowledge any anti-Black racism and do what we can to confront it and build an inclusive environment for Black people.Jennifer WylyBy acknowledging, understanding, and confronting the struggles that Black people are faced with in anti-Black racism and bigotry, we can have a better opportunity to identify them and take a stand against them. We must educate in order for change to happen. As someone who has not experienced this directly, it's important for me to know more.
Jeff LefkoffI want to live in a world where all people have the opportunity to thrive and to contribute to their full potential. Anti-Blackness is a plague on our world that must be eradicated. Dwuena WyreI believe it is necessary to acknowledge the presence of anti-Black racism in all spaces and institutions and to work with others to bring positive change that serves the greater good.
Joelle LeibI believe that all Black students, staff and faculty have the right to learn and exist in an institution that values and respects them, which necessarily requires all other staff, students and faculty to be actively anti-racist.Zeyue XieIt is very important to do anti-racism to create a fair and safe environment for all students and faculties, and this needs everyone's involvement.
David LeinenAddressing anti-Black racism, and acts of bias, prejudice, and bigotry at UCI will take a commitment from the entire community. I pledge to be part of the solution.Kurt YamamotoI feel that this is an essential first step for all of us who have lived our lives shielded from the effects of anti-Black racism. Only by continuing to build upon this can we ever hope to counteract the tragic effects of anti-Black racism on our community.
Bianca LeonI'm dedicated to ensuring that students and colleagues experience this campus that I am proud to be a graduate of, as a positive and supportive environment.Caiying YaoEquity is a really important thing. As a Chinese girl, I've been through a few times when people were being racists. People who have never experienced that before are lucky, but would probably never know what it feels like to be treated unequally. Although I'm Asian, I think it's necessary for all of us to stand out and fight against racism no matter what races we are.
Catriona LewisAs a graduate student studying medicine, I can no longer ignore the effect of anti-Black racism on my future patients and colleagues. I want to pursue a career that assists all people achieve good health and wellbeing, and this goal cannot be achieved without my purposeful commitment to confronting anti-Blackness inside and outside of the hospital. Michael YassaI am deeply committed to dismantling systemic anti-Black racism on UCI's campus. Please see my full statement at sites.uci.edu/endracism
Jacqui LewisThis is a truly important issue and it is imperative that we create a culture of change and a climate that supports and promotes tolerance and diversityTootie YeeIt's time to stop thinking what our parents taught us, and start thinking for ourselves on how we want to move forward on how we treat/think/feel others as a human race and discontinue the thinking of our parents and those who came before. I pledge to act toward achieving a thriving culture for Black People.
Ryan LimFor far too long anti-black racism has been used to maintain the status quo. If we as a society want to overcome the socioeconomic and political issues that plague the country we must acknowledge anti-black racism and its use and impact on our society. For all of us to be free we must combat anti-black racism. Kyoko YokomoriI would like to help promote diversity and increased opportunities for URMs for the future of Biomedical Sciences.
Jessica LingadWe can do better. Our Black peers deserve better.Clare YuWe must take a stand against injustice. My college roommate and one of my best friends is Black. She has given me an appreciation for how deeply racial discrimination and oppression have affected Black people, and how it continues to this day.
Haohan LiuBlack Lives Matter. People should recognize that human talent and achievement are broadly distributed in society.Vincent ZaballaFor my friends who suffer prejudice that I cannot imagine, I pledge to confront anti-blackness.
Lizzie LiuThe history of anti-Blackness goes way back to the founding of this country. It continues to be a huge issue today especially in the current socio-political climate. I think it’s so important as a public university for us to both acknowledge it and teach how to unlearn it. It affects the entire community and we have the resources and the platform to help educate people—whether it’s young children in childcare, students enrolled at UCI, or staff and faculty. Cynthia ZaltEveryone should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of color. Your color should not hold you back from fulfilling your dreams of an education and to be the change in the world.
Michael Lobassoequality is the ultimate truth. Alyson ZaltaI think it is important for all of us to take any opportunity to voice our support of the Black community, acknowledge the existence of systemic anti-Black racism in our society, and hold each other accountable to take meaningful steps towards change.
Diana LofflinI've been horrified in seeing the continued systemic racism played out in todays society. Most recently, Breanna Taylors death and the lack of accountability of the law officers involved has revitalized my commitment to confronting racism.Emily ZamanTaking the pledge is important to me because I want to support my black colleagues and staff that report to me. I want to be active in showing the importance of inclusion and confronting anti-blackness on campus when it arises.
Jennifer LongAs researchers and educators, we have to become leaders in creating cultures of safety, inclusion, and trust. Changing the systems, cultural traditions, and exclusive practices requires the commitment and direct involvement of a cross section of people. Charles ZenderWe as individuals and as a society must first acknowledge, and then take responsibility for, the unfair effects of historical and current overt and implicit racism on people of color, in order to progress towards a more perfect union.
Margherita LongSpring 2020 made it impossible to ignore how much white supremacy props up American capitalism, institutionalizing greed and hate and making it impossible to build a society of respect and care. I want a society of respect and care for my students. I believe it is the role of the humanities especially to teach what this means, and how much stands in our way. Acknowledging anti-Black racism is the crucial first step. We must not lose the momentum of BLM and everything our Black sisters and brothers taught us in the streets and the teach-ins. UCI will only thrive if Blackness thrives here. Hillary ZieveI work towards inclusion in the work force, equity and equality for all, particularly within healthcare.
Vanessa LopezI've always believed that people should be treated equal. Growing up, I learned just how unequal life was for minority people. These past couple years, the amount of racism I've witnessed in the U.S. has reminded me the world is still not a place of equality for all. I want to help make this world a better and safer place for Black people. Black lives matter.Doron ZingerAs an educator of future educators it is critical for me to increase my own awareness, acknowledgement, and then act and be accountable to the students I serve as it relates to developing their anti-racist teaching identity and practices, as well as to expose and desettle anti-blackness. We know that the education system in the US is based on anti-blackness and racism, is as or more segregated than in was in 1965, and we must disrupt and reshape this system to promote equity in education that should be viewed as a basic human right to all students.
Casey LoughThis pledge is a small step in saying things aren't okay in our community and I want to play a role in changing that.Joanne ZingerOur country has allowed anti-black racism to go on for too long!
Cynthia LoveA commitment to the affirmations listed in the pledge is a commitment to strengthening our community, humanity and to a better and brighter future.

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