Sue Padernacht:

Vice Chancellor Douglas M. Haynes, PhD Leading Black Thriving in Higher Education


Ncline Leadership Strategies | September 1, 2021

Through the Black Thriving Initiative (BTI), University of California Irvine (UCI) intends to become the nation’s foremost destination for Black people to thrive. Black Thriving recognizes and responds to anti-Blackness as an existential threat in the United States. In depriving Black people of full participation in society and in university life, anti-Blackness compromises higher education’s capacity to educate, discover, create, and heal. This interview of Vice Chancellor Douglas M. Haynes, PhD focuses on his leadership of the BTI at UCI as part of its mission as public research university. Relying on the UCI community, his systemic, whole university approach links institutional success metrics, research capacity, and teaching capabilities to the success of Black students, faculty, staff, alumni, and communities, with goals to create a positive climate for thriving, to promote belonging, equity, and wellness, to educate for diversity and combat intolerance, and to honor free speech.