Statement on Iran

Dear Campus Community,

We want to express our deepest support for students, faculty, and staff – and those in our broader community – who have been affected by events in Iran following the untimely death of Mahsa Amini. In recent weeks many Iranians have been killed and many others detained following protests that unsettled Iran. Our hearts go out to our Iranian and Iranian American communities and all who have been affected.

In recent days a group of faculty from across the UC system prepared a statement in support of Iranian students, affirming the students’ right to protest and calling for an end to detention. Because the University of California has historically been a center of research and teaching on Iran – and at UCI our Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture has been at the forefront of academic learning in Southern California – we affirm our colleagues’ calls to support the right to peaceful assembly and free speech.

UC Irvine strives to build a climate of equity, diversity, and justice, and we are committed to upholding principles of human rights for all. We stand against violence and discrimination against those who choose to express themselves on public matters.

We understand that the uncertainty of this situation may cause distress and anxiety for some of our students and employees. Assistance is available for those who need it. Students may contact our counseling center; faculty and staff may use the services of our employee assistance program.

We take this opportunity to emphasize our support and concern for our Iranian and Iranian American communities.


Rodrigo Lazo
Interim Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion