Academy for Inclusive Excellence

The theme of the day-long academy is "Growth that Makes a Difference". The featured presenter will be Dr. Beth Mitchneck, a Professor of Geography at the University of Arizona. Dr. Mitchneck served as the Director of the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program from 2012 to 2015. In her interactive keynote address, Dr. Mitchneck will draw upon her recent Science article entitled, “A recipe for change: Creating a more inclusive academy”.

As the event approaches, check back for updates on speakers, presentations, and additional resources.

A digital version of the program is available here: 2016 Academy for Inclusive Excellence Agenda

The academy program is built around UCI's signature peer-to-peer model of faculty engagement for inclusive excellence across all fields and disciplines. The morning and afternoon breakout sessions are organized around the specific roles of ADVANCE Equity Advisors and the DECADE Graduate Program Mentors. Topics include faculty recruitment and retention, as well as graduate student admissions and degree completion. In equipping faculty to lead through inclusive excellence, these sessions will be informed by critical components of campus accountability, namely goals, metrics and strategies.

The morning session will consist of:

The afternoon session will consist of:

Recommended pre-reading by speaker can be found by clicking on the speaker's name in the Program section.

A list of all recommended reading for the event:

UCI Strategic Plan
"A recipe for change: Creating a more inclusive academy" by Beth Mitchneck
UCI Applicant Statement on Previous and/or Potential Contributions to Diversity
UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
UCI Chancellor's ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
"Toward Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education: Constructing Merit and Diversity in PhD Admissions" by Julie Posselt

Faculty Recruitment Resources

RECRUIT How-To Videos
Guidelines for Addressing Race and Gender Equity in Academic Programs

Recruitment Programs:
High Impact Hiring Program
Midcareer Hiring Initiative
UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Hiring Incentive

Graduate Student Recruitment and Admissions Resources

UCOP Data on Graduate Academic and Professional Enrollment Totals
UCI Fellowship Programs
DECADE Mentor Admissions Committee Presentation