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UCI ADVANCE Program for Equity and Diversity

UC Irvine has Institutional Membership to the National Center for Faculty Development (NCFDD), which provides all of UCI senior graduate students, post–docs, and faculty members access to NCFDD resources.

To begin accessing these resources, please activate your membership here:

Membership Benefits

    • Access to NCFDD resources including training webinars, multi–week courses, and discussion forums
    • Access to NCFDD Member Library to view past workshop materials and transcripts
    • Writing retreats and challenges

To learn more about the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity, please visit their website


Career Advising through Mentoring *Career advising is integral to creating an inclusive and transparent faculty culture at UC Irvine. For new and continuing faculty, career advising is a consensual partnership; one that is confidential and serves as a constructive resource for career advancement. Diversity Opportunities Database The Diversity Opportunities database connects faculty with the wide range of offices, programs and initiatives that promote equity, diversity and inclusion.

Distinguished Faculty Awards: Research, Teaching, and Service*

A description of the nomination process for Distinguished Faculty Awards.

Diversity in the Review Process *An overview of the place of diversity in the review process. This overview is based on the policy that governs faculty appointment, promotion, and appraisal.

Advancement and Promotion

A Handbook of Advice for Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty. Published by the Office of Academic Personnel, University of California, Irvine, Revision 2015.

Academic Review Cycle

Graduate Division on Mentoring

Stopping the Tenure Clock/Deferring Mid-Career Appraisals *

"Stop the Clock" is a request that can be made by eligible academic appointees who are parents (mother and fathers, adoptive or natural), who have 50% or more responsibility for the care of an infant or newly adopted child, under the age of five. (Academic Personnel Policy 3-50, Appendix III, and APP 7-12)

2011 Career Advising/Mentoring Conference MaterialsOn November 4, 2018, the five southern California UC campuses have joined together to sponsor a regional conference entitled Career Advising/Mentoring conference on Friday, November 4 from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm at UC Irvine. The purpose of this all-day conference is to advance faculty excellence through making career advising or mentoring an intentional part of faculty culture. The program will place mentoring in the context of structural changes in academic work while sharing effective practices for professional milestones along the career continuum.

Materials from an event which directors, vice chancellors, and faculty from 5 Southern California UC campuses attend and participate in a conference on improving career advising and mentoring.

* - (a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed in order to open the PDF file; a free copy can be obtained at the Adobe site)

Housing Information

Faculty and Staff Housing Office Rental Office:
(949) 824-6254
The Faculty and Staff Housing Office helps new UCI Personnel and visiting academics find housing, either on campus or in the community. On-campus resources include 100 two- and three-bedroom rental units in Las Lomas faculty/staff apartments, a small number of one-bedroom condominiums for rent in University Hills, and homes for sale in University Hills (described below).The housing office also maintains apartment guides for Irvine and nearby cities and a listing of community rentals, (furnished and unfurnished, long- and short-term) to meet a wide range of housing needs. In addition, it provides general information and relocation materials such as area maps, school district brochures, motel and hotel lists, and car rental information.
Irvine Campus Housing Authority Sales Office:
(949) 824-7345
The Irvine Campus Housing Authority (ICHA) administers University Hills, a sizable on-campus residential community that includes approximately 1180 owner-occupied residences, including single-family homes, apartments, town homes, and condominiums.Homes in University Hills are priced moderately and are available to UCI faculty and staff. To ensure that the homes remain affordable, their price appreciation is limited to the rate of increase in certain cost-of-living indexes. The land is leased to homeowners at a reasonable annual rate, and any appreciation in the home's value is shared at the time it is resold.
City of Irvine's Housing Resources

The City of Irvine's website provides a list of affordable housing resources in Orange County including, Rent Assistance, Fair Housing, Temporary Housing, Housing Assistance, and Community Support Services.

Location Orange County

What is it like to live in Orange County? This site will tell you about finding a house, car and schools; arts, culture and recreation; our business climate.

Best Practices (Communications on Contributions to Diversity, Guidance for Writing Inclusive Excellence Activities Statement

Statement on Contributions to Diversity

Inclusive Excellence in the Faculty Search Process *

The UCI ADVANCE Program produced the following guidelines for search committees for achieving equity and diversity in the faculty recruitment process.

UCOP affirmative action guidelines for recruitment and retention of faculty

Guidelines for Addressing Race and Gender Equity in Academic Programs in Compliance with Proposition 209

Diversity Considerations in Faculty Hiring

Guidelines for Multi-Unit and Multi-Disciplinary Faculty Recruitments *

The UCI ADVANCE Program produced the following guidelines for multi-unit searches to ensure that all such searches utilize the campus’ effective practices, including the active participation of Equity Advisors in monitoring the process.

Academic Availability Statistics

The Academic Availability Statistics is for use by UC Irvine academic search committees in assessing the gender and racial/ethnic composition of candidate pools in comparison to national pools of availability.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity: Guidelines for Search Committees*

Best Practices: The Search Committee and the Campus Visit. *

The campus visit is critical to a successful recruitment. This is a list of best practices for a successful on-campus visit.

Inclusive Excellence in Faculty Search Process

Inclusive Excellence

Vice Chancellor Douglas Haynes on Inclusive Excellence Activity Statement
Guidance for Writing Inclusive Excellence Activities Statement
Vice Provost O'Dowd's memo on National Advertisement for Distinguished Scholars


UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (PPFP): Faculty Hiring Incentive Program*

The pool of UCPPFP fellows derives from a highly competitive selection process. Hosted by campus departments throughout the University of California for up to two years, fellows dedicate their time to advancing their research and participate in professional development opportunities. Of the nearly 600 fellows since 1986, 84% have been hired into faculty positions at R-1 institutions nation-wide in all fields--STEM and Non-STEM. Since 2003, 87 fellows have been hired into faculty positions through the Hiring Incentive Program. The promotion rate of fellows meets or exceeds the campus average. UCI continues to participate in the Faculty Hiring Incentive (see announcement). The hiring incentive recruitment and appointment process is consistent with university policy and campus practice. In this recruitment as in all others, the chair must secure approval from the dean. A recruitment budget for transportation and lodging for the candidate(s) will also be necessary. The school will also provide a negotiated start-up package.

A list of current and former fellows is available at the UCPPFP web page. As part of the preliminary evaluation, it is appropriate for a department to contact a fellow or former fellow for information such as an updated vitae, writing sample, and reference letters. These materials should provide a sufficient basis for the faculty to decide whether or not to proceed with a recruitment.

Once the department has agreed to proceed, the chair will notify the candidate about the interest of the unit in their recruitment. The chair will also request application materials, including an updated vitae and reference letters as well as dissertation, other publications, and teaching portfolio. The conversation must include a clear recruitment timeline wherein the department specifies when it must have the requested materials and, in turn, will inform the candidate about the next stage (or not) of the recruitment process--i.e. on-campus visit. The on-campus visit should proceed like other searches, including departmental seminar (and/or chalk talk), meetings and meals with the faculty and graduate students, and tour of University Hills. As in all recruitment, the department faculty votes to recommend an appointment.

Should you have questions, please contact ADVANCE Program Director Douglas Haynes at

*Under the incentive program, the Office of the President will subsidize the salary of a fellow hired into a regular faculty line for five years. See announcement.

Recommended Readings for Search Committees

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