UCI Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) Policy Implementation

This information is provided to help facilitate the UCI community’s understanding and implementation of the UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy that was published systemwide in November 2020 with an implementation target no later than December 2023.

Welcome Message from UCI Vice Chancellor Douglas Haynes

A Message from Vice Chancellor Haynes header

Dear campus community,

UCI’s enduring commitment to inclusive excellence drives our efforts to broaden participation to work and learn as well as enable students and employees to maximize their potential. It is in this spirit that I am writing to you about the presidential policy on Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy.

On November 10, 2020, UC President Michael Drake announced this policy on Gender Recognition and Lived Name. The purpose of the policy is to ensure that all individuals are identified by their accurate gender identity and lived or preferred name on university-issued documents and information systems.

In taking steps in promoting an inclusive university, this policy is designed to support the transgender and gender non-binary community who constitute an integral part of our richly diverse undergraduate and graduate student populations, faculty and staff employees, Anteater alumni and the many communities that UCI serves as a great public research university.

The Gender Recognition and Lived Name policy mandates that all campuses be in alignment by December 31, 2023, in the following two ways by providing-

  • three equally recognized gender options in university information systems — woman, man, and nonbinary—and,
  • an efficient process for current students, faculty and staff, and for UC alumni and affiliates, to retroactively amend their gender designations and lived or preferred names on university-issued documents, including eligible academic documents, and in information systems.

To this end, I want to urge each of you to become familiar with the Gender Recognition and Lived Name policy and to consult resources to promote an inclusive culture in support of the transgender and gender-non-binary community at UCI.


Douglas M. Haynes, Ph.D. (Pronouns: he/him/his)
Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer
Director, ADVANCE Program
Professor of History

UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) Policy

The University of California published the Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy and implementation guidance on November 6, 2020 to ensure all individuals will have university-issued identification documents and displays of personal identification information that recognizes their accurate gender identity and lived name. For students, the policy permits the use of lived names on transcripts, displomas, and dissertation title pages.

The UC expects all UC Locations to completely implement the policy and corresponding procedures by December 31, 2023.

To report noncompliance or harassment concerning the usage of a person’s gender identity or lived name, contact Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity via email or OEOD’s online reporting system

UCI’s GRLN Policy Implementation

UCI campus units are responsible for most implementation activities, including revising processes and information systems. For information systems, campus unit leaders are responsible for working with their IT service providers (either UCI technical system custodians or vendors) to determine what process/system/data changes are needed and ensuring that related system changes get implemented.

The UCI Gender Affirmation Task Force is coordinating the overall implementation of the UC GRLN policy at UCI under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Douglas Haynes. The Task Force provides top-level oversight, guidance, and policy implementation clarifications as needed so campus units can more effectively implement changes. The Task Force is also tracking progress toward meeting the December 31, 2023 deadline for full implementation.

To clarify the campus scope of information systems and identify related campus units that need to be involved in implementing changes to comply with the UC GRLN policy, the Task Force is initiating an IT Survey. The results of that survey will help ensure better coordination of overall policy implementation at UCI.

IT Survey

An initial IT Survey is being conducted during spring 2022 in order to inventory all information systems that need to be revised to support UCI’s implementation of the UC GRLN policy, including identification of the campus units that are the functional owners of those systems. The IT Survey will be completed by the technical custodians of related systems (generally, application IT managers in OIT, School IT Directors, and other affiliated IT managers). Survey respondents are asked to identify the systems they manage that include the following variables: gender identity, sex, name, or personal pronoun information for any UC students, employees, alumni and/or affiliates. They will also be asked to identify any other vendor-based systems they are aware of that handle related information but where campus units directly manage it without UCI IT involvement.

To help orient and prepare IT custodians to successfully complete the survey, a live webinar will be conducted, recorded and shared to provide UC GRLN policy background, describe the UCI implementation approach, explain the details of the survey and answer initial questions.

The initial IT Survey is just a first step. The Task Force will use the survey results to oversee and guide further implementation activities with and across campus units.

Complete the IT Survey


There are two glossaries of terms that may be useful:


November 2020 - UC GRLN Policy adopted

August 2021 - UCI Gender Affirmation Task Force charged with UC GRLN policy implementation oversight at UCI

Spring 2022 - IT Survey for planning/overseeing UCI implementation

Summer 2022 thru December 2023 - UCI campus units implement GRLN policies/procedures

December 2023 - Deadline for all UC locations to completely implement the UC GRLN policy and procedures


Please provide feedback or questions via email to inclusion@uci.edu