Allison Perlman

Assistant Professor, Film & Media Studies, History 949-824-6521 History of Broadcasting, American Social Movements, Media Law and Policy, Media Activism, Popular Memory

Allison Perlman2016-10-07T14:47:21-07:00

Francesca Polletta

Professor, Social Ecology 949-824-5041 Social Movements, Democracy, Culture, Gender, Social Theory

Francesca Polletta2016-10-07T14:46:07-07:00

Belinda Robnett-Olsen

Professor, Sociology 949-824-1648 Social Movements, Race & Ethnicity, Gender, Social Change, African-Americans

Belinda Robnett-Olsen2016-10-07T14:44:47-07:00

Ruben Rumbaut

Professor, Sociology 949-824-2495 International Migration, Education, Inequality, Mobility, Race and Ethnicity, Bilingualism, Generations, Transitions to Adulthood

Ruben Rumbaut2016-10-07T14:42:11-07:00

David A. Snow

Distinguished Professor, Sociology 949-824-9323 Collective Behavior and Social Movements, Social Psychology, Urban, Social Problems, Culture and Qualitative Methods

David A. Snow2016-10-07T14:15:47-07:00

Yang Su

Associate Professor, Sociology Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sociology 949-824-2545 Social Movements and Collective Action, Political Sociology, China's Political Transition

Yang Su2016-10-07T14:14:43-07:00

Henry Weinstein

Professor of Law 949-824-3642 Intellectual Property: Media Law Lawyering Skills: Lawyering Skills

Henry Weinstein2016-10-07T13:59:45-07:00

Jon Wiener

Professor, History 949-824-6521 Recent American History, Cold War Culture  

Jon Wiener2016-10-07T13:58:18-07:00
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