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Anti-Blackness: A Definition

Anti-Blackness: A Resource Guide


Introduction: What is anti-Blackness?

Black Resistance

Reconstruction and the civil rights movement

Racial justice on campus



White Supremacy: Structures, Mechanisms, Practices

Racial Bias




What is allyship?

What is allyship on campus?

UCI Conversations

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Charlottesville: A Defining Moment in America

UCI Voices

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UCI Author Readings

Read UCI Authors; Suggestions below but find others at unit sites:

exhibiting blacknessBridget Cooks

Exhibiting Blackness: African Americans and the American Art Museum

Ana Muñiz

Police, Power, and the Production of Racial Boundaries

Jessica Millward

Finding Charity’s Folk

Alejandro Portes & Rubén G. Rumbaut

Immigrant America: A Portrait, Updated, and Expanded

Michele Goodwin

Policing the Womb 
Invisible Women and the Criminalization of Motherhood

Frank B. Wilderson, III


Enroll in UCI Programs

students zotting Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program.  The Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program advances UCI’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and free speech. It equips the campus community – undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff at both the main campus and medical center – to appreciate UCI from the vantage points of different campus constituencies. This 20-hour program consists of two courses: a core course on UCI as a Minority Thriving University, and choice of one elective on either Community or Wellness. Each course aligns with a pillar of the Inclusive Excellence Action Plan.

Black Thriving Initiative Modules

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Module 1 – Anti-Blackness in the United States: Black Protest Tradition 

Why are people protesting in the streets and demonstrating in support of Black Lives? This short course explores this question as a way to understand anti-Blackness and the Black protest tradition. Offered in the summer and quarterly, this course meets one hour per week.  Each meeting will be organized around a theme that will serve as a focal point of a moderated discussion. Themes include what is anti-Blackness, Black resistance (from Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement), racial justice on university campuses, and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Module 2 – Anti-Blackness in the United States: Structures and Mechanisms of De-Valuing Black People 

This short course examines white supremacy and its manifestations overtime and why it is necessary to demonstrate in support of Black Lives in the 21st century. Offered in the summer and quarterly, this course meets one hour per week.  Each meeting will be organized around a theme that will serve as a focal point for a moderated discussion. These themes include what is white supremacy, who benefits from whiteness, forms of racial bias, policing black bodies, and the meanings of historical monuments, and being an ally.

Module 3 – Anti-Blackness in the United States: Change the Culture through Personal, Professional and Institutional Accountability

The most ambitious goal of the UCI Black Thriving Initiative is to dismantle anti-Black sentiment as a precondition to creating a thriving university culture for Black people. Understanding the ways that bias, prejudice and bigotry impact the lives of Black people is a choice that we must make as individuals and as a campus community. This choice requires each of us to see ourselves in relation to our Black co-workers, colleagues, and undergraduate and graduate students.

Take UCI Courses

Selected courses (find more at:

Course # Course Name
AFAM 40A* African American I
AFAM 134B* Carib History II
AFAM 138* Black Womxn Violence
AFAM 162W* Black Protest Tradition
CHC/LAT 64* Intro Race & Ethnicity
ENGLISH 102D 20th Centu AfAm Lit
EDUC 238 Blackness & Education
SOCIOL 226 Demographic Analys
SOCIOL 229 Socl Movmt Soc Jus
SOCIOL 239 Race, Imm & Ineq
*Listed to meet GE VII Multicultural Studies requirement

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