Update Your Lived Name and Gender Marker

To update your lived/preferred name and/or gender identity, please select your UCI affiliation below and follow the instructions. Please note: If you have multiple roles - such as student and employee (e.g., student workers, Graduate Student Researchers, etc.) or UCI student and UCI Continuing Education student - you will need to follow separate steps below to update your student records, employee records, and/or continuing education records. Making a change in one system does not automatically update the others.

Report a Concern

If you have any concerns or have encountered problems related to the process of updating your lived name, please contact the Office of Inclusive Excellence by completing this GRLN Reporting form or emailing inclusion@uci.edu.

For concerns of discrimination or harassment on a protected basis, including gender identity, gender expression, and gender transition status, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) at oeod@uci.edu to learn more about your rights and options.