Take the Pledge

UCI Black Thriving Initiative

1. Acknowledge the existence of anti-Blackness

→ Visit Change the Culture for the definition of anti-Blackness


2. Understand your relationship to anti-Black micro- and macro-aggressions

→ Visit Change the Culture to understand the structures, mechanisms and practices that devalue Black people


3. Recognize the uncredited labor that Black people expend to manage the effects of unconscious and conscious acts of bias, prejudice and bigotry

→ Visit Change the Culture to understand our relation to these processes


4. Confront anti-Blackness to build a thriving culture for Black people

→ Visit Change the Culture to join others

Why is this pledge important to you?

Education is one of my most cherished accomplishments in life. I want to help ensure that UCI offers its Black students, faculty members, and staff the same benefits and experiences that I have enjoyed in a safe and nurturing environment. I also want to learn more about systemic anti-Blackness so I can be a better citizen and advocate for ending racism.

I am taking this pledge because racism permeates our society and I want to stand up to injustice. I want my children to live in a better world than the one we live in now. I want to be part of improving these critical issues and silence is not an option.