Change the Culture

The most ambitious goal is to dismantle anti-Black sentiment as a precondition to creating a thriving university culture for Black people. Understanding the ways that bias, prejudice and bigotry impact the lives of Black people is a choice that we must make as individuals and as a campus community. This choice requires each of us to see ourselves in relation to our Black co-workers, colleagues, and undergraduate and graduate students.

Accountability begins with understanding.

Take the Pledge

  • Acknowledge the existence of anti-Black racism
  • Understand your relationship to anti-Black micro- and macro-aggressions
  • Recognize uncredited labor that Black people expend to manage the effects of unconscious and conscious acts of bias, prejudice and bigotry
  • Confront anti-Blackness to build a thriving culture for Black people

This voluntary pledge to confront anti-Blackness underscores the campus inclusive excellence principles: equity, diversity, inclusion and free speech. It is not enough to expect equity for yourself without advocating for others.  It is not enough to support diversity without learning about the communities that we serve.  It is not enough to practice inclusion and resist building bridges of dialogue.  And it is not enough to honor free speech without using it to defend inclusive excellence for all.

Take the Pledge Honor Roll & Testimonials

Take the Pledge has received over 1,500 signatories from the UCI community, comprised of faculty, staff, students and campus affiliates. We recognize those who pledge to confront anti-Blackness and build a thriving culture for Black people.

Preventing Anti-Blackness by Understanding It

Several new courses are free and open to all UCI students, staff, and faculty, and each for completion in five weeks:

Module 1 – Anti-Blackness in the United States: Black Protest Tradition

Module 2 – Anti-Blackness in the United States: Structures and Mechanisms of De-Valuing Black People

Module 3 – Anti-Blackness in the United States: Change the Culture through Personal, Professional and Institutional Accountability

The Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program advances UCI’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and free speech. It equips the campus community to appreciate UCI from the vantage points of different campus constituencies.

Change Aligns the UCI Police Department with the Campus Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

As the current national reckoning has underscored, policing is definitely a major focal point for change. The campus takes this seriously as part of a comprehensive commitment to inclusive excellence. A whole university approach toward safety and community conceives of the police department as serving the campus according to equity diversity, inclusion and free speech principles.