Diversity Planning Resources & Tools

Diversity Tools & Resources

UCI Office of Inclusive Excellence offers several resources and tools to support the development, implementation, and assessment of school, unit and program diversity plans. Regardless if your focus is on one program and an entire unit or division, considering these resources, ideas and templates will help launch and enhance strategies that support systemic changes in inclusive excellence.

At UCI, there are several key contacts for guidance and information to support inclusive excellence and diversity or inclusive excellence action plans. The materials generated by key contacts provide insights about aligning diversity plans to the broader strategic directions.  These leaders include central and unit leaders, and colleagues tasked respectively with advancing diverse faculty and student recruitment and retention such as the unit Equity Advisors and DECADE Mentors. These lists are suggested as examples only, so you may have additions to share.  If so, please send to: inclusion@uci.edu.

Important readings and tools are provided through resource centers on and outside of UCI as well. In addition to offering templates for communicating diversity plans, these resources provide evidence-informed approaches to measuring and refining progress.

Key Contacts

Associate Deans - Faculty Diversity

Associate Dean - Graduate Student Diversity