UCI ADVANCE Program for Equity and Diversity

Resources for Living in Irvine *

The UCI ADVANCE Program produced a brochure that encompassed many resources for prospective and incoming UCI faculty that are new to the city of Irvine. Resources found in the brochure include housing information, childcare center, home loans information, history of Irvine, and history of Orange County.

Career Partner Program

The Career Partner Program is a cooperative agreement between the department and the Executive Vice Chancellor's office, attempting to locate academic positions for partners of newly recruited tenure-track faculty. In exceptional cases, this program may be used in the retention of current faculty.

Child Care Services

UCI faculty and staff have numerous options for child care services.


SitterCity provides UC employees with access to local, pre-screened caregivers, and the tools (including reviews, references and back-ground checks) to review and select the caregiver of their choice.

Student Parents and Families Program

UCI Families

Being a new parent can be an overwhelming and exciting time. UCI offers a variety of educational opportunities to help you navigate parenthood, including classes for expecting parents, new parents and parents of young children.

Regents Point

UCI Human Resources and UCI Emeriti Association have partnered with Regents Point to offer UCI emeriti, retirees, and the family members of active employees priority consideration for admission and a discount of up to 50% on the entrance fee. Regents Point is a continuing care retirement community that offers multiple living options including residential living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care.

Lactation Accommodation Guidelines

Lactation Station Locations at UCI Campus:


Lactation Station Locations at UCI Medical Center:

  • Douglas Hospital, room 6004
    Keys are available from the atrium main lobby information desk on the first floor. After 9:30 p.m., a key can be obtained from the security desk.
  • Chao Family Cancer Center pump room
    This room is located inside the changing room. The pump room is for OSS/GI employees only.
  • 200 Manchester Building, 8th floor, suite 837
    Contact the Benefits Department at 714-456-5736 for key availability.

Senate Statement on Work-Life Balance

Written by the Special Senate Committee on Diversity, the Senate Statement describes the family-friendly policies that the University of California provides for faculty.

The UCI ADVANCE Program has produced a brochure* which also details the Academic Senate's Statement on Work-Life Balance.

Web Resources for the Senate Statement:

  • APM 760 (Family Accommodations)
  • APP 7-41 (Childbearing Leave)
  • APP 7 (Leaves and Family Friendly Policies)

The UC Faculty Family Friendly Edge

The UC Faculty Family Friendly Edge is an initiative designed to develop and implement a comprehensive package of innovative work-family policies and programs for ladder-rank faculty in the UC system. The Faculty Family Friendly Edge will promote the recruitment and retention of the best and the brightest, help all members of the university community achieve their fullest potential as scholars and teachers, and greatly contribute to the continued excellence of the University of California.

UC Families

UC Families is an online newsletter and resource for faculty, staff, and students at University of California campuses who are balancing academic goals or careers with family life. The website provides resources on UC campuses, UC-wide policy and benefits information, and archives of past advice and discussions. Subscribers can post questions or engage in discussions on topics such as managing work and family, planning the optimal time to start a family, finding advice on progressing academically as a student parent, returning to academia after having a baby, or advocating for flexible work arrangements.

 UC Family Friendly Policies for Faculty and Other Academic Appointees

The University of California has established policies and programs to assist faculty and other academic appointees in balancing the needs of work and family. This web site provides summaries of these family friendly policies and programs.The Office of the President is pleased to announce that revised family friendly policies have been finalized and are effective retroactive to January 1, 2006. Some of the major changes to these policies include:

  • Identifying in one policy section, APM 760, the types of family accommodations available for childbearing and childrearing purposes.
  • Extending the period of active service-modified duties for birth mothers.
  • Providing guidance on part-time appointments.
  • Clarifying that academic appointees shall not be arbitrarily disadvantaged in their promotion, advancement, or compensation because they have elected to take a childbrearing or parental leave, to stop the clock, or to defer a personnel review.

The revised policies are below:

APM 760 (Family Accommodations for Childbearing and Childrearing)*

APM 133-17-g (Computation of Years of Service)*

APM 210-1-c(4) (Instructions to Review Committees)*

APM 220-10, -16-c, -16-d, -18-b, and Appendix B (Appointment and Promotion: Professor Series)*