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Charlotte McIvor and the Active* Consent Programme in Ireland ♥ ✚

Thursday, Oct 22, 2020 @ 8:30 am - 9:50 am

Charlotte McIvor and the Active Consent Programme in Ireland
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The Active* Consent Programme is an important project in the era of MeToo and TimesUp. It aims to raise awareness of sexual consent and to cultivate positive and confident sexual health and wellbeing for young people. With live theatre, videos, animation, workshops, and social media based on real-time statistical research with young people 16-24 on sexual health issues, the Active* Consent Project has been very successful since its inauguration in 2014 (formerly known as SMART Consent). The project is based in National University of Ireland, Galway and its flagship educational theatre production, The Kinds of Sex You Might Have in College, has toured nationally in Ireland since 2019.

Dr. Charlotte McIvor, the director of Creative Arts and Communications Unit of the project, will present her artistic and advocacy work and speak about the role of theatre and performance in sex education and social change.

About Charlotte McIvor:

Charlotte McIvor is a Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre Studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway.  She is the author of Migration and Performance in Contemporary Ireland: Towards A New Interculturalism and the co-editor of The Methuen Companion to Interculturalism and Performance (with Daphne P. Lei), Interculturalism and Performance Now: New Directions? (with Jason King), Devised Performance in Irish Theatre: Histories and Contemporary Practice (with Siobhan O’Gorman) and Staging Intercultural Ireland: Plays and Practitioner Perspectives (with Matthew Spangler).  She is also a theatre and creative arts practitioner and the director of Creative Arts and Communications Unit of the Active* Consent program.