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Everyday Boundaries and Returning Borderlands: The Films of Dr. Mael Vizcarra

Join us for a live streaming of Dr. Mael Vizcarra’s documentary films, “La Línea” (2019) and “Pánico en Pánuco” (2020) preceded by her introduction.

Dr. Mael Vizcarra’s work explores the everyday life of working-class people along the Mexico-U.S. border through filmmaking. “La Línea” focuses on The Line, or the border checkpoint between the United States and Mexico and is the most transited international land border in the world. It is here that hundreds of vendors earn a living selling goods and services on the Tijuana side to those waiting to cross into the United States. “La Línea” follows a few of these vendors in their day-to-day and records the every-changing urban landscape of a city that is perpetually redefining itself against the backdrop of its reputation. “Pánico en Pánuco” is about narco-aesthetic and how narco power manifests affectively and as an embodied experience in the familiar realm in contemporary Mexico. The discussion centers around film footage documenting Dr. Vizcarra’s family trip to Sinaloa to visit her father’s birthplace in the small mining town of Pánuco when the trip was disrupted by the threat of narco violence.

Speaker Bio:

Mael Vizcarra, Research Collaborator, Department of Anthropology, UCSD
Mael Vizcarra is a filmmaker and anthropologist from Tijuana, Mexico. She holds a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies from the Institute of Liberal Arts at Emory University. Her work centers on the everyday life of working-class people along the Mexico-U.S. border.Co-Sponsor:
Latin American Studies Center
Nov 12, 2020 02:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)