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Guest Expert Webinar: Creating an Inclusive Classroom: Students with Disabilities
Sara Schley, PhD
Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

8/25/2020 (Tuesday), 2:00pm ET

Participants will learn high impact plus-one strategies to make your courses more inclusive without redesigning them entirely.


Sara Schley, PhD, Creating an Inclusive Classroom: Students with Disabilities: “A starting point for making your course more inclusive is to think of challenges your students (with and without disabilities) have regarding the social, the academic, and/or the physical space experiences in your courses. This starting point does not require that you know specifics about any one student’s disability/ies – you don’t need to know what it is, just what the challenges are interacting with your course experiences and materials. It does require that you adopt a mindset of flexibility – focusing on single specific changes (rather than a widespread re-design of your course and materials) – a “plus-one” mindset. Note that these strategies are not a substitution for efforts to make your course inclusive for other minority groups. Culturally responsive pedagogy is an adjacent area to consider in ensuring inclusive teaching and learning.”