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Let’s Learn Summer Book Club:

Lisa Cron, Story Or Die: How to Use Brain Science to Engage, Persuade, and Change Minds in Business and in Life

June 25, 12:00-1:00PM

“A practical, heartfelt manual for anyone who needs to change minds and actions. Lisa Cron shares the art of practical empathy with leaders who care enough to make a difference.” — Seth Godin, author of The Practice

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The Let’s Learn Summer Book Club is for curious minds. We put a spotlight on new books and old favorites from authors, scientists, thinkers, and artists. We aim to inspire lifelong learning and exploration by presenting intellectually engaging topics.

Author, Lisa Cron Story or Die; How to Use Brain Science to Engage, Persuade, and Change Minds in Business and in Life.d

Whether you’re pitching a product, saving the planet, or convincing your kids not to text and drive, story isn’t just one way to persuade. It’s the way. It’s built into the architecture of the brain and has been since early humans gathered around the campfire.

In Story or Die, story coach Lisa Cron sets out to decode the power of story, first by examining how the brain processes information, translates it into narrative, and then guards it as if your life depends on it.

Armed with that insight, she focuses on how to find your real target audience and then pinpoint their hidden resistance. Finally, she takes you, step-by-step, through the creation of your own story, one that allows your audience to overcome their resistance and take up your call to action, not because you told them to, but because they want to.

LISA CRON is a story coach, speaker, and the author of Wired for Story and Story Genius. She has previously worked as a literary agent, a television producer, and a story consultant for Warner Brothers and The William Morris Agency, among others, and currently advises writers, nonprofits, educators, and journalists on the art and craft of story. Cron has also served on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts MFA program in visual narrative and, since 2006, has taught in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

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