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Sex & Trauma Healing Workshop for Queers & Community ♥ ✚

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

UCI CARE: Campus Assault Resources & Education
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Reaching for pleasure and connection together. Come gather tools for your healing journey in this queer-centered workshop for survivors.

About this event

Sexual abuse leaves lasting imprints in our bodies, minds, and hearts. These imprints inhibit our capacity to feel ease, grounding, connection, and pleasure in daily life. It’s common to experience isolation, shame, hyper-vigilance, and confusion around desires. We might find ourselves struggling to savor even the simplest of joys – a hug, a compliment, or intimate touch from a loved one. We might find ourselves in unwanted patterns of behavior that keep us ‘spinning our wheels’ in challenging ways and unable to find our way to more solid ground.

With embodied tools and skills, we can make more nurturing and joyful choices for ourselves as we navigate the terrain of healing from sexual trauma. Through the cultivation of practices, community, and knowledge of our nervous systems, we can unwind the imprints of sexual abuse and find our way back into connection.

Come gather tools for your journey in this queer-centered workshop (allies are enthusiastically welcome!).

In this 3hr workshop, we will gather in a caring and counter-normative container to:

  • Expand grounding skills to support you during times of overwhelm
  • Practice feeling your boundaries and discernment
  • Learn how to connect and be present with pleasure in your body
  • Explore the somatic wisdom and stories of your body
  • Celebrate the magic of your queerness in erotic community
  • Educate you on traumas effects on the nervous system
  • Connect with other survivors and build community

Facilitated by Somatic Sex Educators Noah Kloze and Ariel Szabo

Noah Kloze

Ariel Szabo