Temporary Research Enhancement Support (T-RES) at UCI – EMERGENCY CHILDCARE FUNDING

Call for Applications

This temporary program application deadline has been extended to Friday, May 22.

UCI Senate faculty who are parents of children ages six and under are invited to submit applications by May 22 for UCI Temporary Research Enhancement Support (T-RES) awards. The awards aim to support the career development of UCI faculty, and provide funds that are taxable and reimburse up to $1,000 for childcare expenses provided at home or by licensed providers observing federal/state/county/UCI health guidelines during times when faculty complete virtual selected productivity activities.

UCI Senate faculty members in two-parent households may each apply for awards as long as productivity activities warrant this consideration. Senate faculty identified as working as essential personnel, teaching faculty or telemedicine clinicians during this funding period ARE NOT eligible for T-RES awards (please access the free childcare options already provided by UCI at https://hr.uci.edu/disaster-relief/child-elder-care.php).

As a number of studies have shown, balancing work and family remains a persistent challenge for the knowledge and technology workforce, especially at our nation’s leading research universities.  The cost of such dependent care has been shown to inhibit participation which may impair professional visibility as well as networking opportunities at a critical time for pre-tenure faculty. Additionally, evidence is emerging to suggest that the current COVID-19 circumstances strain the abilities of working families to afford and coordinate dependent care consistent with CDC and UCI guidance.

In lieu of opening a call for the ADVANCE Dependent Care Travel Awards Program for spring 2020, the Office of Inclusive Excellence aims to support through this temporary “family friendly” resource, until further advised.


UCI T-RES is open to support childcare costs as described in this call during the period June 1, 2020-September 30, 2020, subject to UCI COVID-19 guidance. This temporary program may be suspended or terminated at any time based on federal, state, county, and/or UCI mandates.


  • Applicant is an active Senate faculty member (e.g., assistant professor/associate professor/professor or equivalent; lecturer or sr. lecturer w/SOE; lecturer or sr. lecturer w/PSOE, etc.)
  • Applicant has child(ren) ages six years or under by application deadline
  • Applicant DOES NOT qualify for the free childcare provided under UCI Human Resources available to personnel performing essential jobs, faculty who are teaching during this funding period, applicable clinicians who are conducting telemedicine (application and details for free childcare may be found at UCI HR Child and Elder Care Resources at: https://hr.uci.edu/disaster-relief/child-elder-care.php HR CHILD AND ELDER CARE RESOURCES)
  • Applicant must submit online application with required documents by the extended deadline of 5 p.m. (Pacific time) on May 22


  • Expenses for childcare provided by any family members (parents, grandparents, siblings) for the care of qualifying child(ren)
  • Any childcare expenses without proper documentation of billing and payment
  • Any childcare expenses associated with activities not represented on approved Virtual Activity Budgets.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Once awards are approved, there are NO CHANGES, EDITS, OR ADDITIONS ARE ALLOWED for the Virtual Activity Budget, and awardees will only be reimbursed for approved childcare expenses up to $1,000.


Award notifications will be emailed to the applicant email address provided on this submission no later than the week of May 26, 2020.


Please check funding Office of Inclusive Excellence funding opportunity updates at: https://inclusion.uci.edu/advance/funding-programs

Please also see these additional childcare resources

University of California Family Care Resources at: https://ucnet.universityofcalifornia.edu/compensation-and-benefits/other-benefits/family-care-resources.html

UCI Coronavirus Hub at: https://uci.edu/coronavirus/

UCI COVID-19 Resources for Academics at: https://ap.uci.edu/covid19/

UCI HR Information for Staff Regarding Coronavirus at: https://hr.uci.edu/disaster-relief/corona-virus.php

T-RES Use Report:

Awardees are required to submit a T-RES Use Report online to the Office of Inclusive Excellence for childcare expense reimbursement no later than 30 days after associated productivity activities are completed. A copy of the submitted T-RES Use Report will be provided automatically to the email of the submission when submitted online at: https://uciadvance.wufoo.com/forms/myd7ani1kmupnj/.