U See I Write: Semi-Annual UCI Faculty Writing Retreat


The U See I Write: UCI Faculty Writing Retreat initiative was founded in 2016 by UCI Professors Ilona Yim and Elizabeth van Es, both alumni of and coaches for the Faculty Success Program.

The goal of the initiative was to establish a community of UCI faculty members who want to support each other in their writing, learn about good writing habits, and celebrate their writing successes with each other.

Since the successful launch of the first retreat at Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach, California, the bi-annual event has expanded to include all faculty at UCI.

During the writing retreats, much of the time is spent focused on writing, while also providing ample opportunity to get to know other like-minded writers at UCI.

The retreat is now coordinated by UCI Professors Ilona Yim (ilona.yim@uci.edu) and Olga Razorenova (olgar@uci.edu). Feel free to contact them with any further questions.

Who’s Eligible? 

Participation in the U See I Write Faculty Writing Retreat is by application only. The retreat is limited to 30 participants.

Since Spring 2018, applications are open to all UCI faculty members, including teaching professors, regardless of rank from all academic units.

Application Information

U See I Write Faculty Writing Retreat Spring 2020


DATE AND TIME:  May 15, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Applications are now open for our 2020 Spring Quarter Writing Retreat!

To receive information on future U See I Write Faculty Writing Retreats, please email Samantha Anderson at sanders2@uci.edu to join the mailing list.