UCI Black Thriving Initiative Cluster Hiring Program

Join Faculty Passionate About Advancing the Well-Being of Black Communities

The UCI Black Thriving Initiative Faculty Cluster Hiring Program aims to recruit scholars that focus on understanding anti-Blackness and interrogate structural racism in its myriad forms, such as:

  • The lived experience of anti-Black racism and associated inequalities in diverse institutional domains
  • The collateral consequences of racism, historically and in the present era
  • Public policy solutions to structural racism in criminal justice, education, the built and natural environment, health and wellness, urban planning, etc.

This program is designed to build on the hiring priorities of UCI’s academic units while paving new paths for research and creative expression, teaching and learning and community engagement. The program has allocated positions campuswide for areas that advance the understanding of the Black experience and the drivers of well-being for the Black community.

Faculty positions are open in support of the following areas:

  • Infrastructure Equity comprises the fields of planning, policy, engineering, environmental science and law to address social, environmental and racial disparities in infrastructure planning, design and implementation.
  • Poetic Justice aims to bring together scholars from art, business, African American Studies and Criminology, Law and Society to build stronger connections between UCI and community-based institutions that focus on the production and preservation of Black history, culture and art.

Information Environmental Health Disparities Program

Positions filed from this previous hiring cluster focused on environmental health disparities from the perspective of a range of different disciplines. The program aims to build research, educational and community programs that support health equity and environmental justice.