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UC Irvine Academy for Inclusive Excellence

The theme of the day-long academy is “Translating Intentions into Actions, Part 2”. The program builds on an earlier discussion from the OIE Institute for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to highlight leadership engagement for inclusive excellence.

As the event approaches, check back for updates on speakers, presentations, and additional resources.

Academy 2018 Agenda

The day will include discussions, presentations, and action planning on:

  • Equity Advisors and Faculty Change Initiatives with Vice Provost Douglas Haynes
  • Roles and Responsibilities of DECADE Mentors with Associate Director Professor Roxane Cohen Silver
  • Keynote

Additional details will be uploaded by September 4, 2018

Normalizing Struggle: Dimensions of Faculty Support for Doctoral Students and Implications for Persistence and Well-Being by Julie R. Posselt (

Trust Networks by Julie R. Posselt

UCOP Graduate Wellbeing Survey

2018 NAP Graduate STEM Education

National Academy of Sciences report on Graduate Education in the 21st Century

The event will be held in Emerald Bay AB at the UCI Student Center.

For general driving directions, please   

Parking will be in the Student Center Parking Structure located on Pereira Drive.  For specific directions to the Student Center please see Visitor Center information at:

After you park, please follow signs to Emerald Bay AB in the Student Center.

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