OIE Data Dashboard

Welcome to the Office of Inclusive Excellence Dashboard! Institutional data and results from the various evaluations conducted by OIE are available here.

Please click one of the tabs to see the respective data visualization. The first tab ("Files and Reports") contains links to various documents and resources created by OIE.

For general institutional research and data about the UCI campus, please visit the Office of Institutional Research Data Hub.

For general information and data about the UC system (including the UCI campuses), please visit the UC Information Center. Results for the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) are available on their UCUES page, and results for the UC Graduate Student Experience Survey (UCGSES) are available on their UCGSES page.

Note: These visualizations are designed to be viewed from a desktop or laptop computer and may not display properly when viewed from other devices. If a visualization is not displaying properly, try refreshing the page.

UCI Demographic Overview
OIE Climate Survey
Community Safety Survey
Unit Equity Review