UCI STEMM Equity Achievement (SEA) Change

This program aims to realize systemic transformation and continual institutional improvements in all academic units at UCI, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) fields. We align to the broader American Association for the Advancement of Science SEA Change program and its goals to remove norms that pose barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEMM.

UCI SEA Change partners across the campus and Medical Center to conduct responsive research, offer engaging training and events, and institutionalize best practices for inclusive professional development and institutional change.

Program Aims

The UCI SEA Change planning team and multiple UCI partners embark on an action to:

  • Broaden faculty outreach and pathways to a diverse professoriate
  • Deepen the use of best practices for hiring diverse faculty
  • Promote and increase diverse leadership at UCI
  • Improve access to and the development of robust metrics for tracking faculty inclusion and experiences
  • Develop, recognize, and institutionalize effective mentoring practices for diverse student and faculty retention

Awards and Recognition

UCI is a charter member of AAAS SEA Change and a recipient of a AAAS SEA Change award. As a charter member of AAAS SEA Change, UCI joins a network of prestigious colleges and universities in publicly adopting SEA Change Principles  while enabling success and ensuring that a full range of individual talent can be recruited, retained, and advanced in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM).

Get involved

Join Us to Make a SEA Change!

All UCI students, faculty, and staff benefit from this alliance and may register at the AAAS Port of Call to join free membership programs, view webinars, and join UCI blog spaces and AAAS SEA Change forums.

How to join AAAS Port of Call:

  • Navigate to
  • Use your AAAS ID to log in to Port of Call
    • If you do not have a AAAS ID, click “Create New AAAS ID” and complete the forms that follow & confirm your email to log in to Port of Call.
    • Not sure if you have a AAAS ID? Click “Forgot your AAAS ID?” to go to the AAAS ID lookup page

After logging in to Port of Call, you may be prompted to share your affiliation if SEA Change does not already have it on file – this will help us ensure you receive the Member rate for all Institute courses.

  • Enter and explore Port of Call


We thank our great partners for their ongoing support to attain UCI SEA Change priorities

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