Provost Initiative Videos

UCI Office of Inclusive Excellence Confronting Extremism

Following a successful call for proposals for the Provost Initiative on Understanding and Engaging with Extremism, we recieved 18 proposals. Eight proposals were ultimately selected addressing the following issues:

  • Confront the denial of our common humanity;
  • Confront the denial of science; or
  • Broaden experiential learning and critical inquiry in general education courses.

Principal Investigators of each project will explain how they are confronting extremism, and why. Let's start with an introduction to our video project, courtesy of Vice Provost Douglas Haynes.

Bridging the Gap between Medical and Nursing Education and the LGBT+ Community

Challenging Liberal Order: Populist Politics from the Nazis to Today

Civic Education in Polarized Times

Digital Extremism: Understanding and Confronting the Alt-right’s Digital Toolkit

Interrogating the Character and Persistence of Science Denialism

Relativism and Skepticism: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

STEM Cell Research and Applications

The Virtuous Table

Follow along on our social media platforms @inclusionUCI for updates and news exploring each funded proposal.

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