The University of California-Historically Black Colleges and Universities Initiative (UC-HBCU) is designed to improve diversity and strengthen UC graduate programs by investing in relationships between UC faculty and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Through the UC-HBCU Initiative, the Office of the President encourages UC faculty to actively engage in collaboration and cooperation with faculty and students at HBCUs. Such efforts serve to strengthen and enrich our mission of teaching, research and public service. UC faculty grants are available to support HBCU students conducting summer research and graduate school preparation with UC faculty at a UC campus. Grants simultaneously support departmental efforts to facilitate greater faculty collaboration between UC and HBCU institutions and to increase applications from HBCU scholars to UC PhD programs.

In addition to Summer Research Internship Support (one-year) and Summer Research and Graduate Admission Pathways (three-year) grants, there is a Small Research Grant option. PIs for the Small Research Grants are not eligible for summer salary support and grant projects are not required to have summer research experiences for students or an HBCU partner.

For 2023-2024, UCI will have up to $50,000 to fund a highly ranked UCI faculty proposal that was not able to be funded by the UC-HBCU Initiative.

Since 2012, almost 700 HBCU students have participated in hosted summer research internships across 9 UC campuses. There have been nearly one hundred PhD and twenty academic master's students enrolled at UC campuses as a direct result of this Initiative.

Contact AVP Sharon Block (sblock@uci.edu) with questions.